Indian Head Road Accident {June} Constable Murdered!

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This article will cover all the highlights and events of the Indian Head Road Accident. It will cover the facts for the same.

A major loss of the Delhi police department has been sought by global news, such as in the United States recently. How important is road safety, and how do you pay for it by not following it? Can a person visualize the potential risk they are taking while not following the traffic rules?

In an accident, an SI is killed in the department in Gajraula. This accident has been highlighted and discussed on a very serious note due to a major loss. Everyone is seeking the Indian Head Road Accident.

Know The Accident Details!

On Monday, around 5:30 p.m, 5 people were traveling from Bareilly to Delhi Via NH24 and crashed into a truck, resulting in one death and leaving others injured with non-life-threatening injuries. The person killed in this accident was the SI of Harinagar police station, Subhash Chandra.

This team was coming back from the rescue of a 17-year-old minor girl kidnapped last month from Bareilly. Near Amroha, Gajraula, the vehicle was hard hit by a truck which resulted in the sudden death of the SI.

Indian Head Road Accident

As per the sources and eyewitness victims, the accused truck driver abandoned the vehicle on the spot and fled. The police department lodged the case and took the truck under surveillance. 

Rajender- the Constable with the SI, was also badly injured and was admitted to the nearby hospital along with the other victims, a minor girl, and her relatives.

The other 3 people were discharged from that hospital, but Constable is still in serious condition. The officer was declared dead and serious injuries were detected on his body.

Why is the Indian Head Road Accident trending?

This accident is counted as the revelation of a safety rules violation of the police department that caused a major loss so many times. According to data from 2010 to 2021, there have been more accident cases in police departments due to breaking traffic safety rules than any other factors.

After the accident, the body of Subhash Chandra was collected after a postmortem by the Delhi police team and sent to Himachal Pradesh, Kangra, to her mother for the last rites of the deceased.

It has been reported that the Indian Head Road Accident happened after taking a rescue of a minor girl whose complaint had been lodged last month about kidnapping in the Harinagar police station. After a detailed analysis of all facts and CCTV footage recordings, SI had concrete proof that the culprit was in Bareilly, and he headed with his team on Sunday to the spot.

Supreme Court of India once revealed that people around India face more deaths in road accidents than in any military war or terrorist attack. It means that we need to carry a positive attitude towards road safety.


Indian Head Road Accident is one of the cases that should get people’s attention. Last decade’s data revealed that around 14 lakh people were killed in road accidents. Not just do the deaths cause depression in the family, but it also stands as a bad example for the department. 

Please note all the details are entirely based on internet research. What do you think about these safety measures? Please comment. 

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