Indonesia Viral Girl Mms: Check If Full Original Video Link Still Available On TWITTER, Reddit, Telegram, And TIKTOK

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The latest Indnesia viral girl video is the best examples of revenge grownup videos trending Worldwide. The story of Indonesia viral girl will supersize you. Did you know what the video is about? 

The video is trending with different titles, including ‘Little Girl New Viral Video’, ‘Aishatul Humaira Roast Video’, ‘Ayatul Humayra Pom Pom Video Watch Online’, and as Indonesia Viral Girl Mms. Let’s check below who Ayatul Humayra is.

Indonesia Viral Girl video:

Disclaimer: we do not support grownup content in any form. Details in this post is obtained from various internet sources and presented for information purposes only.

Ayatul Humayra is a popular social media figure from Bangladesh. Humayra is a thirteen-year-old model posting several videos singing and dancing to show her talent. 

But, things turned against her as she posted objectionable comments on various issues. After this, netizens started posting videos to roast her. To date, four videos are trending on the internet and social media. Under the tag Watch Full Original Video Link Trending on TWITTER, users were redirected to unauthentic news websites.

Her video titled Ayatul Humayra 2.0 gained a considerable number of views. As per sources, it was determined that her roast videos were edited with her face pasted on the body of girls without any clothes. Several fake accounts were created under her name on TikTok, Facebook, and other popular social media accounts.

One of Humayra’s roast videos showed her picture without any clothes, but her body parts were covered with an emoji. Three of Humayra’s roast videos were found on TIKTOK. The photos are fake and skillfully animated to match her skin tone, giving an impression of an MMS.

Ayatul Humayra’s official social media account is unknown. Netizens can access several fake Facebook and other social media accounts featuring her name, old videos, and pictures. The picture of her face in various poses and sizes are easily accessible, making it easy to paste and animate her face over pictures. 

One of the roast videos showed Humayra’s original clips showing yoganidrasana’s pose wearing black coloured shorts were included in the video. No roast video was available on Reddit. A fourth roast video showed Humayra lying on the bed wearing white garment and smoking a cigarette.


Ayatul Humayra often comes live on Facebook. But, after she had made objectionable comments, she started receiving life threats online. Humayra did not make any comment about her roast videos going viral. Her roast MMS is an example of online. Her skin tone and appearance give the impression that she is Indonesian. 

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Indonesia Viral Girl Mms – FAQ

Q1. Are the videos of Humayra’s roast genuine?

No. Her roast videos contained mini clips from her old videos, where Humayra was showing her body. The videos were edited in offensive sense to roast her.

Q2. Are the uncensored Humayra’s videos accessible on the internet?

No. Only censored videos without exposing her body were available.

Q3. In what language is Humayra’s videos available?

They are available in the Bangladeshi and Indonesian languages. 

Q4. How much is length of Humayra’s videos?

All the videos are less than a minute long, similar to MMS clips. 

Q5. Are Humayra’s videos available on Telegram?

Several unauthentic news websites provide their video to watch her MMS. 

Q6. How many Humayra roasting posts are present on Facebook?

More than 40 Facebook posts were related to Humayra’s roast videos.

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