Platforms Available for Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Platforms Available for Initial Exchange Offering

Investors expect to invests in new project every year. New promising projects brings a ray of hope for earning more. Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) is such type of platform as like ICO craze, IEOs are the new mania which is an attractive approach for eager investors. However, IEOs are much capable and convincing projects in terms of security, token offering as compared to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and security token offerings (STOs). Confidence level raises when these projects initiated by the investors which results in millions increased within seconds. As an alternative, you can get cash to spend right away by selling your cryptocurrency on a trustworthy exchange like

There are more than 32 IEO platforms available in market in which some have better properties among all. IEOs are incentives-based platforms. As the number of IEOs launch will be increases, more chances to earn incentives will be created. Therefore, the confusion to select a best IEO platform brings a question mark. Therefore, the following important points should be keep in mind while thinking of selecting an IEO platform:

Reputation of Exchange/platform in market:

While selecting an IEO platform, the most important factor comes in mind are it’s credibility and its reputation in exchange market. As exchanges provides you lucrative opportunities hence trust factor should be 100% for selected IEO because this exchange platform makes you earning. Therefore, research should be done before staring investing in an exchange so as to focused on its quality in spite of useless token sales. 

Easy to use: 

An IEO should be compatible in terms of participation. IEOs are arbitrated by the exchanges. Therefore, it is the duty of exchanges to make it accessible even for novice investors. 


A successful IEO should have number of interested investors who make efforts to trade the tokens. Always keep in mind that IEO tokens is listed on its exchange exactly next to the IEO. Therefore, selling on later should not be an issue in this case. 

Stability and security measure:

Whenever a strong and security based IEO created, it becomes center of attraction for number of investors as no one wanted to take risk of losing their money via investing in incompetent exchange which could be happened through a cyber-attack, technical problems or its performance meter if does not meet the expectations. 

Multi-coin support:

In order to enhance the value of tokens, the best and popular option in exchange is to close an IEO. However, investors prefer to invest in one or two exchanges to avoid any risk. But to choose and invest in multiple exchanges defiantly helps. Keeping in mind the above states points, the best IEO platforms are listed below:

  1. Binance Launchpad

In 2017 the platform launched was Binance launch pad which becomes famous in 2019. The main successful platforms IEOs launched are BitTorrent (BTT), Fetch AI (FET), and Matic Network (MATIC). When its acceptance was at peak, its average ROI for Binance IEO traders was 580%. 

  1. Bittrex IEO

It is a unique platform due to its sturdy security measures, best infrastructure and good liquidity in the market, these factors make it market acceptable platform.

  1. OK Jumpstart

It is known to be an excellent platform for the best blockchain projects. Due to its token listing offer, best liquid market and top-level exposure, it becomes the best-ever exchange platform globally. Startup

This platform offers a chance to buy block chains asserts at some discount startup platform. The offering levels are: 

  1. Res’s label is used for funding and introducing crypto-based projects along with blockchain projects which already exist. 
  2. Blue label is non- initial exchanges which are used for funding that already exist in the blockchain and those crypto-based projects which prefer to exchange their coins for extra money.
  3. Orange labels provide opportunities to buy assets like Bitcoin, and XRP with 20% or like Bitcoin. 


Although CEOs are the best available option to prove their chances for investors, exchangers and projects. Therefore, among all crypts, these IEO-based platforms becoming the best. A country like the United States does not participate in such projects. However, the cooperation between exchanges and users enhances the credibility of the altcoin. But always remember before investing in eye-burning projects as IEO is not guaranteed in terms of returns hence carefully invest your money, especially after r good research and gathering information about it.

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