Is Amazeo Shop Legit (Nov 2022) All Detailed Reviews!

Amazeo Shop Online Website Reviews

This article shares all the information regarding a newly launched website and highlight all essential, necessary points to clarify Is Amazeo Shop Legit or not.

Are you looking for home decor and regular home utilities? Do you like to keep your home clean and fresh with easily accessible home accessories? is an online shopping portal to buy any home decor to recreate and personalize your own house.

People in the United States love to personalize their house according to their mood, and this Website brings you all the accessories you need. However, before coming to any conclusion, it is essential to find Is Amazeo Shop Legit?

Can Amazeo Shop Be Trusted? 

  • Portal’s age: The Website is seven months older (created on 14th July 2021)
  • Alexa ranking: Alexa’s Global Ranking is 6512317
  • Website trust score: this Website has a shallow trust score of only 2%. That also raises a question on its Legitimacy.
  • Social media linking: No social media connections are available on this Website.
  • Copied content: it seems that the website firewall won’t allow it to check its plagiarism, which even makes it more suspicious. 

Hope this information cleared your few doubts regarding this Website, but it is necessary to check its customer reviews through Amazeo Shop Reviews.

  • Customer reviews: Customer reviews are not present on any of its products. That also doubts its Legitimacy.
  • Contact address legitimacy: The contact address is available, but it’s fake. We found that the address provided on the Website is the address of an airport in the USA.
  • Owner’s information: There’s no owner’s information available.
  • Return and exchange policy: The portal says they can allow eligible returns within 30 days from the order.

All this information creates an inadequate preparation of this Website which also leaves a significant doubt that there are no customer reviews present on the Website. So, readers can check below Is Amazeo Shop Legit or not.  

 What is the Amazeo shop? works as an online shopping portal. Play supplies all sorts of home decor and items to recreate can customize your own house according to your mood. The company says that the products are deficient in cost, which helps you upgrade your house at your desires. They sell furniture, curtains, bedsheets, kitchen appliances, and many more basic utilities that can refurbish your house.


  • Type of Website: It’s an online platform that sells basic home decor and accessories.
  • Website created on- 1407-2021
  • Website address:
  • EMAIL:
  • Contact number: Not available.
  • Is Amazeo Shop Legit? Due to the absence of legit reviews, it is hard to mention. 
  • Contact address: 3760 Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, CA 90806, USA
  • Sort and filter option: Not Available for any product.
  • Price of product: Can only be paid in USD.
  • Shipping and delivery: the company claims that they deliver their product within 3 to 5 business days, weekends are off.
  • Payment option: Payment by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Stripe. 
  • Social media presence- We don’t find any social media links on the website. 

Pros to check Is Amazeo Shop Legit?

  • Websites have all types of home decor.
  •   Multiple payment options are available.
  • The Prices of products are pretty cheap and affordable.


  • Website trust score is shallow, only 2%, which points to the question of its Legitimacy.
  • The domain is very new, so we cannot say if it is fake or legit.
  • Owner information is not available, and the address is also wrong.
  • Websites have no social linking, so customer reviews are absent on other social media platforms and their official Website.

These are some positive and negative feedback regarding Amazeo.Shop. Let’s talk about customer reviews on this Website.

Amazeo Shop Reviews has no customer reviews on its products and official Website. Also, their products are not available on the Website to check the customer reviews. Hence, without customer reviews, we cannot say whether the site’s real or fake; products are good or bad. In addition, Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed to enjoy safe online shopping. 


We want to inform you that Amazeo.Shop is not the perfect Website for you to buy your products. Customer reviews are absent, and website escort is also very low, which puts a big question on its Legitimacy; Is Amazeo Shop Legit or not.

Therefore readers can check here for more home décor. Also, Everything You Should Know About Credit Card scams for safe shopping. Please share your valuable comments here. 

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  1. Amazeo is a scam. The actual thieves are a group that bills you called
    Totally bogus!

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