Is Anliia Legit {June 2022} Read Quick & Easy Reviews!

Anliia Online Website Reviews

Our discussion information will give you a complete idea about the online store and light up the issue of Is Anliia Legit or a fraud website.      

Do you want to buy directly from the manufacturer? An online shop offers the buyers the products made in their own factory. The name of the online store is Anliia. The buyers from the United States and the United Kingdom buy the products from this online shop. But many people still ask a question about this virtual shop. 

Due to this reason, we think we need to check all the elementary and validate information about the virtual shop. This article tries to find out all the legitimate information about the virtual shop, to understand Is Anliia Legit or a scam? 

Let’s know Is This Site Trusted!

  • Date of the Domain– The domain was initiated on 27 October 2021. So, just seven months old.
  • Domain Expiry date– The domain’s expiry date is 10 October 2022. The domain will expire within four months.
  • Postal address– Postal address is not mentioned on the site.
  • Founder’s Information– The domain’s founder(s) name is hidden.
  • Popularity Score– The website’s popularity is zero.
  • Phishing Points– It achieves a 50 percent point.
  • Domain Faith Score – Just 5 percent Faith score. It is a bad faith score for this virtual site.
  • Anliia Reviews– We generally don’t find any customer feedback on the website. 
  • Website Faith Score– It got 27.6 percent out of 100.
  • Threat Matter– The website has 64 percent threat points.

In the initial part, we focus on the primary points of the website. All the information has valid points. But the main issue is with all the potential effectiveness, we can’t decide about the originality of the website. However, we need to check some helpful information about the website.

After that, we can get a conclusion about the legitimacy of this virtual store and say, Is Anliia Legit or not? 

Know about

The website offers many types of dress items overseas. The main products are sweaters, dresses, casual dresses, cardigans, two-piece dresses, etc. Many people from Australia and Canada are buying the products from the shop. 

You can understand that the shop has popularity among the buyers. The main features of their business are that the products are manufactured in their own factory. 

Website’s Specific Details

  • The Name of the Website-  Anliia
  • Website Link-
  • Address Information- No official address is available.
  • Contact Information-No phone is mentioned.
  • It raises the question – Is Anliia Legit
  • Email ID-
  • Return Policy-Maintain seven days return policy.
  • Owner’s Information- The owner’s details are not disclosed. 

Please note that all the information has applicable online sources.

Now we have all the information about the website. All the information and data are validated and true. But still can’t deny that we are missing more meaningful data about the website. For this reason, we need to find out more data about the virtual store. 

However, we have found some positive and negative information about this virtual shop. Hope it will give us an accurate report. 

Is Anliia Legit– the Positive Discussion?

  1. The virtual shop has its own factory products.
  2. The price of the products is low. 
  3. The store maintains a good return policy. 
  4. The website also supports valid HTTPS methods. 

The Negative Information 

  1. The website doesn’t have a proper postal address.
  2. The contact information, especially the phone number, is not mentioned.
  3. The owner’s name is also hidden in the “Whois” search.
  4. The website has a 56 percent malware score.
  5. The spam score rate is 64 percent.
  6. If you check the suspicious score, it got 24 percent out of 100.

Find Out Anliia Reviews

We don’t get any proper customer feedback on the online shop as per our search. It is crucial to have the customer’s feedback on the official website. But the website has no reviews. On the other hand, we also search for other essential sources to get reviews. But we are incredibly sorry that we don’t get any such sources that submitted the reviews about this website. Meanwhile, you can also read- How to Recover Your Money from the Paypal Fraud?

At Last 

After considering all the elements, we understand the online store doesn’t provide any valid and truthful information to the customers, hence we can say “NO” for: Is Anliia Legit! The data does not present any concrete proof about the store. We also suggest preferring other trusted online portals

Our suggestion is, please confirm all the information before you use the website. What are your experiences with virtual shopping methods as a customer? Please comment. Also, check the article- How to Protect Your Credit Card from Scam

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