Is Avnet Electronics Legit {Aug 2022} Informative Review

Avnet Electronics Online website Reviews

Is Avnet Electronics Legit has reviewed a website dealing in electronic chips and presented its findings to its buyers.

Are you into manufacturing electronic products and want a trusted partner as a component supplier? Every country passes through different phases of economic activity and looks to expand its base in manufacturing. Avnet Electronics supplies most of the electronic components required for making electronic products.

This component maker is based in Arizona, United States, and serves as a component supplier for the international market. Is Avnet Electronics Legit has reviewed its website and collected all the essential parameters to ascertain the authenticity of the semiconductor designer.

Website Legit Features:

Electronic manufacturers from different parts of the world may need the service of Avnet as the product developed by it is not easy to design. This part of the review has all the legit details of the website, which will allow them to figure out Avnet Legitimacy. 

Since deals made by the companies are big, the authenticity of the portal will give them confidence during the negotiation.

  • The website’s age is more than 32 years (22nd May 1990).
  • Avnet Electronics Reviews trust score for chip makers is 96%, a rating that will enhance the company’s credibility among its business partners.
  • The Alexa ranking of the Avnet portal is 42916, which indicates a good number of visitors on its platform.
  • The details related to the owner and top management of the company are given on the Avnet website.
  • Company addresses in a different part of the world are mentioned on the site.
  • The content on the portal is of high quality and free of plagiarism.
  • It has a well-developed social media presence, as icons of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube can be seen on the portal’s home page.
  • Is Avnet Electronics Legit trust index for the site is 100% which further increases the credibility of the platform.
  • Customer review for this website is present in the digital space.
  • The domain will expire on 23rd May 2024.
  • Valid HTTP is found for the site, which enhances the security of customers visiting the site.

Avnet Com area of Activity:

Avnet’s online portal works under various verticals and serves its clients globally. It is a B2B entity and provides components like processors, resistors, and transformers to the electronic and IT equipment maker. 

The company that supplied electronic components has diversified its activities lately. Is Avnet Electronics Legit team found some featured products on its platform and has listed them below.

  • Microchip
  • Infineon
  • AMS Osram
  • Avnet and AMD Xilinx
  • Power Integrations
  • Sensors and connectors
  • Logic and Timing

Specifications of Avnet Com Website:

  • The domain name is
  • The website address is
  • The client can email using outlook express.
  • The newsletter is available.
  • Contact address of H.OAvnet Inc, 2211 South 47TH Street, Phoenix, AZ, United States
  • Contact number – 480-643-2000
  • Order status can be checked by registering as a client.
  • Credit card for online payment.
  • Quick buy for fast ordering.
  • Shipping – Freight charges on shipping orders

Is Avnet Electronics Legit Advantages of Avnet Com:

  • Trust score and other ratings for this website are high, which increases its credibility.
  • The contact address for this portal is given.
  • Customer review for this platform is available.
  • Content on the website is not plagiarized.
  • Alexa ranking for the website is good.
  • Payment and shipping details are mentioned on the site.
  • The website’s age is more than 30 years, a sign of a legitimate portal.
  • Email for communication is available.
  • Credit cards as a payment option are available for online international buyers.

Disadvantages of Avnet Com: 

  • According to some customers, they experienced bad customer support.
  • Many customers faced difficulty in making payments.

Avnet Electronics Reviews for the Website:

This website is more than thirty years old, and Avnet is well-known in the international market for making electronic hardware. Avnet has a 4.8 rating from different companies on vendor review sites. A review site has given a rating of 2.9 to this website from two reviews.

The low score of this website is due to the poor customer system and problems making payments for some international clients. These are some of the common problems that occur in most B2B Companies. Customers can learn about PayPal payment services for their firm.


Is Avnet Electronics Legit team checked this website’s parameters and found nothing against it. Almost all the parameters are in the Avnet portal favor making it a legitimate platform for the international electronic component buyer. 

Are you an electronic component buyer? Please share your experience with Avnet in the comment section. Also, read – The credit card scam in the online industry and ways to avoid them.

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