Is Barking Bags Legit (Jan) All Essential Reviews!

Barking Bags Online Website Reviews

Please read the write-up to address your query Is Barking Bags Legit concerning an online platform that deals with multipurpose bags designed for dog-walking.

Do you want to have a comfortable walk with your dog? Are you tired of carrying too many pouches and bags for taking the essentials? Would you like to purchase a bag to hold all the necessary materials for your pet and yourself? Then, please read this composition without further ado.

In today’s article, we have mentioned facts about an online store related to dog-walking. Pet owners from the United Kingdom are eager to learn more about this platform. Therefore, please read on to determine Is Barking Bags Legit.

Is Barking Bags Reliable?

Let us first read some points about this portal’s authenticity. After reading the particulars mentioned below, you can clarify your queries about how genuine this site is.

  • Website Trust Score – 86%, classified under a Good Trust Score.
  • Website Age – Four years and four months. The owners created this portal on 26 September 2017.
  • Rank in Alexa – Unfortunately, this website does not have any allotted position in Alexa’s database. 
  • Reviews of Customers – Positive customer reviews are available on this website. However, the developers have not provided any separate section to write the Barking Bags Reviews. Thus, we could not verify the authenticity of the available feedback. 
  • Social Media Linking – This website has connections with its social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Nonappearance of Contact Details – No contact points are mentioned on this website. Although we found an e-mail id on this website’s Facebook page, the same is not available on the shopping platform.
  • Absence of Policies – The developers have not mentioned any policies on the portal like Terms of Use, Return details, etc. 

The researched facts depict dubious opinions about this website. As a result, we cannot declare Is Barking Bags Legit. We recommend customers examine this portal and its reviews further before exploring it.

What is Barking Bags?

Barking Bags is an online e-commerce website that sells multipurpose bags under its brand name. The bags are designed to carry all essential items while walking dogs. Pet owners can place their phone, sanitizer, keys, etc., in addition to dog treats, disposable pouches, toys, etc. inside the bags.


  • Website Type – An online electronic commerce platform that deals with bags designed for walking dogs.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address and Number – Not mentioned.
  • E-mail Id – (Regarding Is Barking Bags Legit, we found this id on the website’s FAQ page and not on the Contact Us section).
  • Sorting and Filtering – Available
  • Shipping Details – Shipment within the United Kingdom takes two to three business days. 
  • Return and Refunds Information – We could not find any information on the website regarding this point.
  • Social Media Connection – Present 
  • Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions – Unavailable
  • Payment Methods – Debit or credit cards like Discover, Visa, MasterCard, etc., PayPal, Klarna, Google Pay, etc.
  • Price of Products – Mentioned in Pound Sterling.


  • The website is linked with a charitable organization.
  • The product descriptions are explicit.
  • Many informative blogs are present on the platform. 

Disadvantages Regarding Is Barking Bags Legit

  • No physical address or contact number of the owner is mentioned on the website. Thus, customers have to depend on the e-mail id to contact the team. Furthermore, the e-mail id is mentioned on the FAQ page and not the Contact Us section.
  • All the customer reviews are positive and five-starred. It creates doubts about their genuineness as no critical reviews are present.
  • The website lacks important content, such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Return, and Refunds. Also, we found the shipping information from the FAQs, not any separate policy page.

Barking Bags Reviews

Although the website is old, we could not find any Quora or Reddit users to have mentioned it. However, we found a news report on the Web where this portal was given a pet-industry-related award. We also found several positive reviews on the website. However, all these are rated with five stars, and we could not trust them fully. Therefore, we request buyers to know how to Get Your Money Back From PayPal to protect their money.


The absence of essential features makes this portal seem suspicious. However, we cannot state Is Barking Bags Legit and suggest customers research from their end. Thus, please read how to Get money refund on credit card to be safe. You may also like to read about dog-walking and its benefits. Get Your Money Back From Credit

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