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Bernini Hose Online Website Reviews

This article is dedicated to finding the answer to the question Is Bernini Hose Legit. Kindly go through it to find the needed answer. 

Are you shifting to a new house? Do you want to change the décor of your house? Do you want some suitable outdoor fountains for your house? Many websites may attract you by having many varieties of products in their collection for your house.

If you are from the United States, then you are suggested to have a look at this article.

Therefore, this write-up contains all the information regarding the question: Is Bernini Hose Legit or not. Let us move forward to know about the legitimacy of this website. By focusing on some facts of the website.

Is the website Reliable or not?

  • Age of Domain –12th December 2012. Bernini is a ten years old website.
  • Time of Expiry – It is a long-living website as there is no availability of an expiry date.
  • The score of trust – The trust score of this website is not measured by any website.
  • Owner’s Details – The owner’s name is present, which is a good sign of the website’s reputation.
  • Bernini Hose Reviews- No customer has given any review about the website on any platform. Also, trusted website reviewing portals fail to give any feedback for this portal.
  • Contacting Details- 619- 449-2392
  • The index of trust – Not Available, not even from scamdoc and scam advisor.
  • Phishing and Threat Details- Not Available.
  • The ranking of Alexa- Alexa does not have any ranking for the website.

After analysing this website’s review, it is found that this is a very old website of decor but we can say that it is not a reliable website and can’t be trusted with your money. 

Further, the answer to the question, Is Bernini Hose Legit, is no. It is not a trustworthy website. Else we can assume that its store is famous but not the website.

Know More About the Bernini Website

Berninifountais is an online platform, this website deals with all the outdoor décor and different things related to the gardens, and mainly this website deals with the selling of fountains. It has a vast and unique collection of fountains from all over. 

The website is also famous for selling yard décor materials. We have further found that there may not have reviews to know, Is Bernini Hose Legit, and the website is not reliable but this is a very old website with no virtual record. 

Specific Details of the website

  • Website-
  • Website URL –
  • Email – 
  • Timings – 11:30 am to 7 Pm. (IST) 8:30 am to 4 pm (PST) (Mon-Fri)
  • Contact Number– 619- 449-2392
  • Owner – John Yeiser
  • Address- Pathway Street- 9545, CA 92071, Santee. 
  • The Return policy – product can only be repaired and can’t be returned 

Note – Every detail mentioned above is taken from the original website.

Positive Aspects to identify: Is Bernini Hose Legit or not

  • The URL of the website is detected, which means that there’s no danger to the security of the customer.
  • Validation of SSL certificate.
  • N-numbers of fountains are available on a single website. 
  • Filters on the website are easy to find. 
  • The owner’s information and contact details, and email are present. 

Negatives Aspects of Bernini website.

  • The website’s name is very confusing as there are already many websites that exist under this name.
  • The expiry date of the website is not available.
  • Not giving guarantee for 100% money return.

What are Bernini Hose Reviews?

Reviews by the customer are an essential part of trusting a website. It mostly tells us about the legitimacy of the website. But unluckily, we didn’t find any reviews on its official website, and no other trustworthy website holds any reviews about the

The website is ancient and has good customer reviews about the products they brought. Therefore we won’t recommend this website to our readers. In addition to the above information, visit here to get your money if you got a PayPal scam– 

The Last Words

We have found that for the question: Is Bernini Hose Legit or not, has only one answer: a big “NO”. This website has no record present on the internet rather than the basic details provided by the website on its own. Furthermore, click here to know more about home décor products.

Kindly share with us your experience with the website. Comment below your favorite website to shop for home décor and let us know your type of shopping. Additionally, click ahead to know how to save yourself from Credit Card Scams 

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