Is Bootsandbotas com Legit (March) Check All Reviews!

Bootsandbotas com Online Website Reviews
This article gives you all the vital information about and its product. We cannot indeed claim that Is Bootsandbotas com legit or not.

Do you watch the Western film? You might have seen a man wearing a cowboy hat and boots. Do you wish to buy such boots and hats for yourself?

Your search brings you to the online shopping portal where you can buy these Cowboy hats and boots at very affordable prices.

In the United States, people are fond of Western culture and look for great quality leather Western boots and hats. fulfills your need with the product you need, but the question arose: Is Bootsandbotas com legit?

Can Bootsandbotas be trusted?

  • Age off portal: The website was created on 28 March 2020. It’s been 1year and 11months since now.
  • Alexa ranking: Alexa Ranking is absent for this website to check the trustworthiness of the website. 
  • Website trust score: This website has an average trust score of 60%, but we cannot wholly rely on this website.
  • Copied content: this website is 92% original and contains 8% copper content, which can be a minor flaw.
  • Social media linking: It is found that is linked with Facebook and Instagram. So, buyers can check detailed Bootsandbotas com reviews from the online portal.  
  • All this information gives a bit of clarity about, but are also necessary to prove its legitimacy.
  • Customer reviews: customer reviews are not present on the official website, but few customers have written their views and comments on social media platforms.
  • Contact address legitimacy: contact address is not provided.
  • Owners’ information: owner information is also hidden; there is no such information regarding the company’s owner.
  • Return and exchange policy: company client to exchange or give a money-back within the 30 days of purchasing an item. 

The above details do not clarify Is Bootsandbotas com legit or just another scam. 

About is an online platform that provides you with western culture Cowboy Hats and Boots. The company ensures to provide the best products made of the best quality. Although this company has been working for almost 2 years and customer reviews are also available, they are not enough to claim the company can be trusted or not. 


  • Type of website: work on an online platform selling leather boots and hats.
  • Date of portal creation: The website got created on 28 March 2020
  • The expiration date of the website is 27-03-2022
  • Is Bootsandbotas com legit- No authentic reviews are available to check the legitimacy of the website. 
  • Website address:
  • Email address: Buyers can write at
  • Contact number: Buyers can call at 469-274-6467
  • Contact address: Not Available
  • Sort and filter: Not Available 
  • Product’s price: USD and MXN.
  • Shipping and Delivery: above $100, all shipments are free in the United States. Delivery can be done within 5 days
  • Mode of Payment: Amex, Apple pay, Discover, Facebook pay, Google pay, MasterCard, Visa accepted.

Pros to justify- Is Bootsandbotas com legit?

  • Customer reviews are present for this website on its social media platform
  • The price and quality of the product are pretty appealing.
  • Multiple payment options are available, which makes it even more considerable.
  • has been working for almost 2 years.

Cons of the website

  • Owner information is missing.
  • Website trust score is also average that cannot fully prove its legitimacy.
  • The product cannot be shipped to other countries except Mexico and the United States of America.
  • Contact address is also not available, which also raises doubt in the customer’s mind.

Bootsandbotas com Reviews 

Customer reviews can be seen on Bootsandbotas social media platform, where few customers have reviewed their product. There is no extensive engagement on the social media platform to justify whether a company is legit or fake. On its official website, no customer reviews are seen.

Many times these types of websites can dupe buyers. Here we suggest readers check details on Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed and enjoy safe shopping. 


We want to grab your attention toward an online shopping portal that deals with western culture boots and hats. Though this site has been working for almost 2 years, we cannot be sure: Is Bootsandbotas com legit or not due to the lack of proper customer reviews. Here it is suggested to read details on Everything You Should Know About Credit Card scams.

Also, provide your valuable feedback in the comment section. 

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