Is Bugmd Legit {Aug 2022} Check Detailed Website Reviews

Bugmd Online website Reviews

In this post, we will learn about the online portal and several details related to the website to determine, Is Bugmd Legit or not.  

Are you always bothered by the pests and bugs in your house, and they seem to be endless? Well, bugmd can be an effective solution to your problems. Bugs and pests are a significant source of unsanitary practices and sometimes lead to bad health in the household. 

It is necessary to take them out permanently for better wellness and cleanliness in the house. Their brand is very much known in the United StatesIf you want more details about the online shopping store, you can refer to the post and find out whether it, Is Bugmd Legit or not. 

Is Bugmd a legitimate platform? 

  • The registration date of the website is 1st September 2016, which is a long time.
  • The website’s popularity ranking is an average of 653761.
  • The expiry of the domain of the online portal is on 1st September 2023.
  • The trust score of 86% of the website makes the website less risky. 
  • The trust index of the site is 54.2, which is somewhat of an average score. 
  • The website is also on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which is very important for any venue to exist on social media. 
  • Bugmd Reviews are both found on official and unofficial platforms, and many are positive reviews. 
  • HTTP connection of the website is valid. 
  • The big plus is that the website is not found as a blacklisting website by any blacklisting search engines. 
  • The owner’s information is not mentioned on the website. 
  • The points for the website for proximity to suspicious websites is 25 out of 100.
  • There is no information available about other scores like threat profiles and phishing. 
  • No data is found as well as for the Spam score and Malware score. 

The above details can give a little preview of the conclusions to be made about, Is Bugmd Legit or not. But further discussion on specific information, reviews and pros and cons is equally essential. 

Details about the portal:

They mostly use eco-friendly ingredients that do not harm the environment and are also effective in removing pests or bugs. Some of the products available on the official page of the portal are –

  • Essential pest concentrate 
  • Clothes moth boss
  • Pantry pest patrol 
  • Termination station and refill
  • Cockroach catcher
  • Pest detect 
  • No fly zone etc

Specifications in detail about the online store 

  • Website link –
  • Website domain name-
  • Email ID –, the presence of an email is a good sign for the customer’s query. Is Bugmd Legit or not? 
  • Contact details – 1-(949)-502-0148
  • Shipping and delivery policies – #1835 Baltimore, 822 Guilford Avenue, MD 21202.
  • Refund & Return Policy – Returns can be done within forty-five days of the purchase. 
  • Payment details – Charges are all in dollars, and credit and debit card payments are accepted. 
  • Free shipping – Free shipping offer is available on all orders above 50$.
  • Guarantee – A thirty days guarantee on goods is provided on every product.
  • Business Timing – The business is open for all seven of the week from 5 am to 6 pm. 

Positive points about the website to determine whether it Is Bugmd Legit or not!

  • The portal is not yet a blacklisting site by any search engines. 
  • Valid HTTP protects the website’s data. 
  • Social media pages of the portal are found on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Free shipping over 50$ shopping. 
  • All information about policies and addresses is present on the website. 

Opposing (Negative) points of the website 

  • Paid services of whois hide the identity of the owner.

Therefore, as several pros and cons are discussed above, the conclusion cannot be based solely on that; other factors like reviews also need to be addressed. 

What are Bugmd Reviews?

Reviews of the customers on Bugmd are very much available on every platform. Whether on the main page after the product description and other reviewing sites. This makes the online store more trustworthy and secure. You can further refer to the post for prevention against Credit card scams

The Last Words

Everything related to the website, like high life expectancy, presence of reviews and social media handles or positive scores, indicates the website’s trustworthiness. According to our research, we can say that bugmd is a legitimate platform

Did you find this post on Is Bugmd Legit informative? Tell us your experience with purchasing, and refer to tips and tricks from here for safeguarding against PayPal scamming

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