Is Buycart Legit {March 2022} Read Detailed Reviews Here

Buycart Online Website Reviews

This article shares details about the question of Is Buycart Legit and specifies whether you can trust it or not.  

As there is an expansion of online websites, are people doing online shopping in large numbers? As there is an increase in the number of shopping, many news websites have propped up claiming to provide various products at your doorsteps. 

But, before buying any products from such websites, you must clarify that the website is legitimate. For example, Buycart is a new website gaining prominence in the United States and India.

So, to check about its legitimacy, we will discuss the question of “Is Buycart Legit” or not. 

Is Buycart authentic? 

  • Domain age: The website is less than one year old; it was created on 11th April 2021. There is less credibility on this website. 
  • Social media websites: There is no presence of on any social media websites. Therefore, you cannot trust this website without its social media presence. 
  • Consumer reviews: There is no consumer review available about this website either on its official website or any other internet platform. So, we cannot gain any information about its legitimacy as the reviews are the main points for legality. 
  • Trust Score: According to Buycart Reviews, the trust score is significantly less. It is around an 8% trust score, and therefore people need to wait for more information about the website. 
  • Alexa Ranking: There is no Alexa ranking on this website. There are many such factors which are suspicious about this website. 
  • Security: There is HTTPS certification about the website to secure your privacy from hackers. 
  • Policy information: There is no explicit mention of the policies; it is ambiguous in its report. 
  • Contact information: The contact details of phone number and email address are provided, but it seems suspicious. 

Is Buycart Legit seems to be correct, and there is something suspicious about this website.

What is the Buy Cart website? 

The Buy cart is a website that claims to be a one-stop destination for various essential goods. It consists of different essential items that people can order online and get at their doorsteps without worrying about moving out in public. 

It consists of various brands and products available at reasonable rates for consumers. The products include: 

  • Extension boards with USB ports
  • Poo bags for dogs
  • Barbeque covers. 
  • Fast Action Weedkiller pumps
  • Dishwasher
  • Paper roll
  • Electrical cleaning brush
  • Blender
  • Vanity Make-up mirror. 

So, as the product description is impressive, we must know more about the question “Is Buycart Legit.” 

Specific attributes:

  • Website genre: Retailing website
  • Products availability: All-in-one products with varieties of household products. 
  • Website name: of the website:
  • Email ID:
  • Address: 63-98, Icknield-Street; Jewellery-Quarter, Birmingham, B18-6RU, UK. 
  • Contact number: +44 7935 08 3326
  • Shipping policies: Free delivery up to 25 euros. 
  • Return policy: It accepts returns within 14 days of order. 
  • Refund: There is no clear mention of the refund policies. 
  • Social Media Portals: is not present on social media websites. 
  • Payment Method: The website accepts payment from PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. 
  • Certification: The website has HTTPS certification. 

Positive aspects of to prove Is Buycart Legit

  • The website is a one-stop destination for various products as it contains a variety of household products for consumers. 
  • It has HTTPS certification to protect the security of the consumers. 
  • There is a return policy available on the products with some restrictions. 

Negative aspects of 

  • The website does not mention the refund of the returned products. 
  • The website does not hold an account on the social media platforms to claim direct interaction with the website and the consumers.  
  • It also does not consist of any consumer reviews, which is suspicious. 

What are Buycart Reviews

According to research about this website, we have not got any information about the consumer reviews. There are no consumer reviews either on its official website or on any other website on the internet. 

So, we cannot rely on these consumer reviews. In addition to this, you can learn more about the tricks to secure from PayPal Scams

Final Verdict: 

There are hundreds of one-stop destination websites online  that provide services to the consumers. But you must be careful about its legitimacy. Therefore, we provided information about the question of Is Buycart Legit or not. 

But unfortunately, the website seems suspicious, so we need to wait for more details. Furthermore, learn more about how to hedge over Credit Card scams. Have you used this website? What was your experience? You can share the details in the comment section below. 

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