Is Dayrainy Legit {April} Read A Comprehensive Review!

Dayrainy Online Website Reviews

This post on Is Dayrainy Legit helps to guide the readers on the legitimacy and validity of Dayrainy shop.

Do you want to shop for garden tools or Clothing stuff? If you are looking for one such store having amazing items, Dayrainy shop in the United Kingdom can give you the best products in the best affordable range. You have to search the website and add the items to your cart. But, before you take this step, this post on Is Dayrainy Legit will inform and update you on their policies and other legitimacy factors.

Kindly spare your five minutes to get detailed information on this website. 

Is this site legit?

Dayrainy shop is dealing in clothing lines. But we could not trust this website without having complete knowledge of its legitimacy. Many buyers face a problem while ordering from online websites. They make payments for their orders but do not receive the products. In short, they get deceived by such fraud retailers. This must not happen to you, so you have to be careful. Here we will discuss registration date, Dayrainy Reviews, trust factor, etc., with the help of which you can find if this retailer is trustworthy or not. 

We advise you all to read the details with full attention so that fraudsters can’t scam you. Kindly read the details below: 

  • Website Registration: February 26, 2022, is Dayrainy’s registration date. It means this website is just two months old.
  • Registrar: NameSilo, LLC is the registrar of Dayrainy shop.
  • Trust Score: Dayrainy shop got only a two percent of trust rate. This is a poor rate of trust and hard to rely upon.
  • Buyer’s Feedback: Based on our research on Is Dayrainy Legit, we have seen some positive reviews on the clothing collection. Also, some average ratings were given on online review sites. 
  • Social Media Platform: Our research team did not find any trustworthy social media pages. Hence, we cannot judge if it is a popular website. 
  • Data Safety: The data is secured through HTTPS. This helps in ensuring the safety of the customers. 
  • Missing Information: We have seen the email, address, company name, and company registration number. However, the telephone number is not shown.
  • Customer Care Policies: All the required policies are mentioned in the layout. These policies include privacy, shipping, refund, etc. 

Brief determined in Is Dayrainy Legit.

Dayrainy shop deals in the number of daily-use items. You can order from their official website and get all the after-sale services just at your home. They have valuable products that can make your work easy. They also deal in clothing items. Here is the item listed below:

  • Pantsuits
  • Shoes
  • Daily use stuff like pitting tools and earphone cleaner.
  • Garden tool bag
  • Clothing stuff
  • Rotating Storage Shelf

Features of Dayrainy Shop

  • Buy clothing stuff from
  • Email Address:
  • Address details: Navan Meath, Balmoral Industrial Estate, Suite 10542, Abbeylands South, Ireland, C15 DD72. 
  • The phone number is unseen on the layout.
  • As per our research on Is Dayrainy Legit, we have found some good ratings on their collection. Also, some trusted online sites have rated this shop.
  • Return policy for the defective product: Return within 30 days.
  • Return policy for dissatisfaction with the product: Return within 7 days.
  • Guarantee: 20 days guarantee on products. 
  • Shipping Policy: Estimated Delivery time is 20-30 days for international orders. 
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, Maestro, JCB, MasterCard.

Positive Points

  • Email, company’s name, and address is found.
  • Mixed reviews were seen on the online site and official website. 
  • Free shipping on £18.99+. 

Negative Points

  • The phone number is missing from the layout.
  • Social media pages are unfound. 

Dayrainy Reviews

Dayrainy shop has mentioned the company’s name, location, email, and registration number. However, the phone number is unavailable, and we could not find its availability on any social media platform. We have found some reviews on their official website. Some online review sites have given them 2.5/5 ratings. It is very hard to believe if it is a legit website. One should be careful.

The website was ranked poorly on Alexa. You can take the necessary steps to avoid credit card scams by clicking here on this post.

Final Summary

Summing up this post on Is Dayrainy Legit, we have found a poor trust rate and life expectancy. The website is short-lived and has two months of life span. The trust score is unfavorable too. So, we are not suggesting to go with this site. Please check this link to know more details on Garden Tool. This post guides the readers on the methods to avoid PayPal Scamming

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