Is Denise Beauty Legit {June 2022} Read Honest Reviews!

Denise Beauty Online Website Reviews

Scroll down the below article to read all the factual details and learn, Is Denise Beauty Legit or not.

Are you a person who is interested in Beauty and Skincare? If you reside in the United States or the United Kingdom, you must have heard of Denise Beauty. Established in 1996, the brand focuses on promoting the best quality products, and also it ensures a luxury environment for the customers.

This article would tell us: Is Denise Beauty Legit! It includes services like body polishing, skin treatment, and many more. Please read the below article to learn about the brand and its legitimacy. 

Can Denise Beauty be trusted? 

We have certain information which tells us about the website. The website offers a wide range of skin treatments along with beauty treatments. Before making any purchase, the customer has to ensure that the site is legitimate so that it does not create any problems after buying. 

  • Domain Age: It was registered on 9th August 2011. The website has a long life expectancy.
  • Domain Expiry Date: The site will expire on 15th November 2025. This is three years later.
  • Denise Beauty Reviews: As per the google reviews, it has a 5 star. There are reviews found on Facebook as well.  
  • Trust Index: The website has a trust index of 64.5%, which can be stated that the site can somewhere be trusted.
  • Blacklist detection: No blacklist has been detected. 
  • Social Media Account: It has a verified account on Facebook and an option for making bookings.
  • Security: HTTPS has been detected, but it does not ensure its complete legitimacy.
  • Privacy policy: The policies have been laid on the official website, including security and privacy for the service consumers. 
  • Trust Score: It has an 80% trust score.

The information tells us Is Denise Beauty Legit? It lays down the basic details on the website.

Description of the website

The website kicked off in 2011 and has got good reviews so far. The website offers a wide range of beauty and skincare services to customers. It provides services which include body polish, rebalancing back treatments, opsis eye therapy, and skin miracle therapy. 

The customers have enjoyed the services being provided by them. The website has also been an awardee at times. 

  • Email Address:
  • Address: Ballylane East, New Ross Co, Wexford Y34 Y044
  • Contact Number: 051425800 / 0873814327
  • Refund Policy: They accept returns within 14 days and ensure that the seal has not been broken. But still, we need to check: Is Denise Beauty Legit!
  • Return expenses: These expenses have to be taken care of by the customer himself.
  • Guarantee: A 100% guarantee is given for dermalogica products, and 30 days are offered for making any return if their specialist dermatologist has given it.
  •  Bookings: A 50% payment is required for group bookings, and cancellations are charged 50% if not cancelled within 24 hours.
  • Payment options: Modes of payment have been given, including debit and credit cards.

The website seems legit from the above details, but we need to check the pros and cons before investing in this portal.

Positive Highlights to know Is Denise Beauty Legit?

  • The email has been given 
  • The address has also been laid on the official website.
  • Payment options have also been defined.
  • All the required policies.including shipping, return, and exchanges have been laid down.
  • Positive reviews have been found.

Negative Highlights of Denise Beauty

  • The customer himself takes the cancellation charges. 
  • The owner’s name has not been disclosed.

The portals have many positive details, but the factors like cancellation charges and hidden owner’s details cannot be neglected. So let’s check the feedback given by the existing customers in particular.

What are Denise Beauty Reviews?

Reviews give us a clear idea about the brand and the products provided. It tells us the quality of services delivered to the customers and their satisfaction. Google Reviews have given a 5 star to the Denise Beauty shop. It also has got several positive reviews on Facebook. To avoid credit card scams click on the link here.


To sum up, the website has a good trust index and a high life expectancy. It has been working since 2011. Still, we suggest consumers look at all the policies before investing in them. Moreover, you can check its official Social Page to grasp more details.

What do you think: Is Denise Beauty Legit or not? Please share your opinions in the comments below. Also, click here to know more about PayPal scams.

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