Is Doublesell Legit {June 2022} Read All Reviews Here!

Doublesell Online Website Reviews

This post has many facts that reveal whether Is Doublesell Legit or not, assisting users in knowing how genuine is the site before they get trapped.

Do you want furniture for your residences and workplaces? Are you looking for a shopping portal that provides furniture at an affordable price? Then, you must check the authenticity of the furniture selling platform before you land on a fake online platform.

A few online platforms across the United Kingdom and other global areas confuse people with their displayed products and available information. So, let’s know if Doublesell also has doubtful information, or Is Doublesell Legit

Is Doublesell Scam?

When buying products from Doublesell, you must check the following details about its shopping portal.

  • Web details – Doublesell’s shopping site was designed on April 02, 2022.
  • Domain information– Its domain name is registered with the title
  • Social Media accounts– Doublesell has no accounts or profiles on any social networking site.
  • Trust Index– Doublesell’s site has achieved a two percent trust score of 100. Hence, we believe the site is extremely questionable.
  • RankDoublesell’s shopping site has achieved a 42.5 rank, indicating a moderately doubtful website.
  • Visitors- Doublesell has hardly any buyers or visitors.
  • Buyers Reviews- No Doublesell Reviews are discovered on the internet or any other social networking platform.

What exactly is Doublesell?

Doublesell is an online shopping site that displays furniture products on its homepage. However, the homepage of Doublesell has an image that has a tab to shop now. Once you tab on that, it will show you many tools. Also, the main image displayed on the homepage is about clothing, with furniture products at the end of the homepage.

Besides, its About Us information talks about hoodies. So, users may be confused that it sells clothing, furniture, or tools. Such confusing information makes us question that Is Doublesell Legit not. Therefore, we seemed very untrustworthy since the information may mislead and confuse the visitors who want to buy furniture items. 

Specifications of Doublesell:

  • Website URL –
  • E-mail –
  • Phone Number – +44 736 025 2144
  • Store Address- 254 Chester Road, M15 4EX, Manchester, U.K.
  • Working Hours- Not Available 
  • Payment Modes- Master Card, American Express, Visa, Apple Pay, Diners Club, and Discover. 
  • Shipping details- Doublesell ships its orders within three to five working days and has a free shipping offer on every order across the U.K.
  • Customer Support- Doublesell provides 24/7 customer assistance and service. 
  • Return Policy- Doublesell accepts refunds and 30 days returns on its orders.

But have you confirmed whether it Is Doublesell Legit or not? It would be wise to check the product details and other information about its online shopping store.

Pros of the Doublesell:

  • Doublesell’s shopping site has many products available on its site.
  • Double sell offers free shipping to every order throughout the U.K.
  • It offers 24/7 customer assistance and a 30-day guarantee on its items.

However, check the authenticity of the Doublesell’s online platform before ordering tools or furniture items.

Cons of the Doublesell:

  • Doublesell’s shopping site has no clear information about its products.
  • Its furniture products and tools available are expensive.
  • It has no clear details about its site, its products, its owner, or other authentic information.
  • Its information misleads the visitor.
  • Doublesell did not receive any reviews from its buyers or visitors.

Doublesell Reviews:

No reviews or consumer feedback is available for Doublesells’ official online platform. It clearly shows that the website of Double sell is not popular, and viewers hardly visit its platform. Also, the furniture website that displays tools, clothing, and furniture, does not tell what it deals with. 

Although its webpage has information about hoodies, it has no hoodies displayed on its shopping portal. Therefore, dealing with Doublesell can cost you a lot if you spend money in an attempt to buy its products. 

Did you see the information and check Is Doublesell Legit? Also, know more information here to find how to Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed. 

Final Verdict

Doublesell provides a huge collection and claims to offer unique products. Moreover, it sends products to its customers free in the U.K. But, its many details about the website, its products, trust score, etc., prove it as a doubtful shopping portal. So, read here to buy high-quality furniture brands

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2 Comments on “Is Doublesell Legit {June 2022} Read All Reviews Here!”

  1. I purchased an item from them on Friday 4th of June and all weekend I have been feeling uneasy with it.

    I checked my credit card statement and the payment request is for a completely different company: Bixlers, who appear to sell jewellery and are from the USA

    The support number does not accept calls, there is no UK VAT number or UK company number.

    The support email address does not respond either.

    1. Hello Paul! Thanks for guiding our other readers with your experience for this portal. Also, we suggest you go through all the important legitimate points before investing in it. Stay Safe & Alert!

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