Is Ellsia Legit {July 2022} Complete Genuine Review!

Ellsia Online Website Reviews

Is Ellsia Legit? The seller has brought alluring collections of elegant, daily wear jewelry at a low price. Read the article and know the trustability score.

Do sleek diamond chains resonate with your choice? Are you fetching simple yet elegant jewelry to wear regularly? If so, we have come up with some useful information for you. A jewelry retailer shop, Elysia comes with some elegant, simple diamond chains for women that can be worn daily. The seller retails their awesome collections at discounts in the United States.

However, Is Ellsia Legit? Some external and internal points need to be analyzed to ensure that you’re on the right web portal.

Checking the Elysia shop’s legitimacy:

Our audiences are requested to read this section taking some time as here we are writing some critical details by checking the site’s internal and external factors. Through these points, you can gather authentic knowledge about the site’s legitimacy and much more. Check below and find the information-

  • Address Validity: No address is given; thus, the validity checking can’t be done.
  • Trust Score: Unsatisfactory, it’s 1 percent.
  • Reviews: Ellsia Reviews are available.
  • Domain:
  • Dead URLs: There is no availability of dead URLs.
  • Payment Modes: Several.
  • Skipped Pages: Availability of 2 pages.
  • Plagiarized Content: We found around 15% duplicate and 81% similar data.
  • Company Name: The company name is
  • Community Connection: No logos or links are shared.
  • Domain Creation Date: The date is 24th June 2022.
  • Missing Information: Address and number.

Therefore, the seller has registered recently on the E-commerce platform. Additionally, the rating on the ‘Trust Index’ is too low. So, check below to get more notifications about this site.

Introduction of the Elysia shop:

Is Ellsia Legit? The seller brings elegant collections of simple diamond chains at huge promo code gateways events. Apart from chains, diamond bracelets, anklets, and rings are also featured. The portal is recently garnering the spotlight in the United States for its wonderful feminist collection and the offer price range. 

The portal structure is also satisfactory, as the landing page has some products in the display section as well as the category section to find the requirement easily. Besides, a ‘Collection’ tab is available at the top menu header section.

The product page is well defined with details and description, size guide, warranty details, and picture. At this time, with the promo code giveaway, people can get 80% off on any item.

Considering Ellsia Reviews, a brief about the specifications:

  • Link:
  • Location: Unavailable.
  • Office Contact Details:
  • Number: Instead of an official number, the Contact Us page consists of a direct massaging process.
  • Cancellation Methods: To avail, you need to contact them.
  • Shipping Timing: The timing includes the processing time (2 to 3 days). But the delivery duration can vary from country to country, which is approximately 7 to 15 days.
  • Reviews: Seeable on the product page.
  • Charges: Obtainable at the checking out page.
  • Refund Process: The product is scrutinized and approved for the refund process.
  • Is Ellsia Legit: Unknown.
  • Return Possibility: For domestic and international consumers’ the shop provides a 30 days time frame.
  • Exchange Details: A 30 days exchange policy is available. However, other notifications, like any condition, duration, charges, etc., are not specified.
  • Payment Gateways: G Pay, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amex, Visa, Master Card, etc.


  • Elegant jewelry collection at a discounted rate.
  • HTTPS protocol is detected.
  • Several paying processes are available.


  • False ratings on the product page.
  • No connection with community media.
  • Reviews are missing.
  • The address and number are unavailable.
  • Plagiarism is present.

Consumers’ remarks on ‘Is Ellsia Legit’:

While checking the product, we found ratings on the product page; however, when we dug out the reviews, we noticed that those ratings were false and non-clickable. There are only ratings available without any reviews and other details.

Additionally, the site’s information doesn’t exist on the web as well or on social media. The seller should look into social marketing and web marketing to advertise their service and products. Also, know the tricks to get refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

The shop’s low trust score, fake ratings, zero connection with social media, and missing address details are suspicious. However, it’s too new; thus, Is Ellsia Legit? Users shouldn’t use this portal now until it fills up all the lacks it has. Additionally, read the latest tips for getting refunds on credit cards. Is this article informative and useful? Kindly mention it in the comment box.

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