Is Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Legit {May} Read Reviews!

Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Online Website Reviews

Scroll down to read all the details regarding Is Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Legit. This article is an informative document for the readers for an answer.

Are you a health nut? Do you always look for organic and all-natural product options for your lifestyle to level up? Then it would help if you had looked for This website deals in all types of organic skincare, eating supplements, and daily essentials.

But the question that many people in the United States seek is Eversmith Organics Sea Moss LegitSea moss is a type of red algae that has been used as a powerful supplement for many purposes. Especially immunity-boosting, skincare, and weight loss. Let’s find out the answer. 

Is Eversmith Organics Reliable Or Not?

  • Creation date- 24/04/2020 (over 2 years)
  • Expiry date- 24/04/2023 (less than 1 year left)
  • Owner details- The owner’s Name is registered as private registration with WHOIS. 
  • Trust index- It has received 80% on the algorithm of the business index, which is pretty good.
  • Trust score- It scored 60 out of 100, which is a good score.
  • Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Reviews– It has many reviews on its official website. They have a section for adding and editing reviews as well.
  • Website’s blocklist status- Any blocklist engine has not detected it.
  • Security- HTTPS protocol detected, but it doesn’t guarantee 100% security to the users.
  • Social media handles- They have active pages running on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Contact Details- They are authentic and searchable by Google maps. They have working days and hours showcased on their official website.
  • Technical reviews- It has a valid SSL certificate which means the data between users and the website is safe.

Therefore it seems the answer of Is Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Legit is clear that this website is legit. Now let’s have a glance at the website. 

About the website-

According to the website’s official data, this website came into existence in 2019 by Ms Smith after 12 years of extensive study of organic living and holistic, organic medicines. 

They provide Sea moss fruit bases from Atlantic Oceans in the United States and globally. 

Not just this, they are providing organic skincare products with guidelines and research to benefit the customers. They are targeting COVID’s immune-boosting mantra to promote their website’s products.

Is Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Legit– Specific details?

  •   Website’s Name-
  •  Contact number – +18772166333
  •  Email ID– info@eversmith Organics
  • Address- 1320 Central Park Blvd., Ste. 200, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
  • Cost price – It is in US Dollars.
  • Return and refund policy- To return the product, one should have RMA. Perishable products are not returnable.Products are returnable within 14 days.
  • Payment methods- They accept all types of Debit Card, Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Gift Cards.
  • Shipping policy- Their shipping partners are UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Perishable products are not shipped internationally.

Do these points indicate “yes” to the question: Is Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Legit!.

Pros of this website-

  • The domain name of this website is old. That’s a good point
  • HTTPS protocol is detected.
  • It has active social media handles.
  • They have reviews on their official website and a few on Amazon.
  • The return and refund policy seems secure and transparent.
  • Their address and contact numbers are searchable on google maps. 
  • They have a customer service email and contact number.

Cons of this website- 

  • Alexa ranking is very low.
  • They are dealing with some scam website’s products.
  • The owner’s identity is hidden.
  • Lack of link to the other websites.

Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Reviews

We can find many positive and enthusiastic reviews on their official website. Their products have ratings mentioned underneath them as well. They have an Amazon selling account, which has mixed reviews.

Some suspicion occurs as this website deals with some of those products that scam websites have sold. We can suggest you make a purchase wisely by the score and index details. And do check all the details beforehand. Further, click here to protect yourself from credit card scams.


Based on the data research and analysis, the question Is Eversmith Organics Sea Moss Legit. The website seems legit and provides customers with a sense of security through its shipping, payment, and return policies.

Still, we will recommend double-checking the details before making any purchase.

If you want to go for this portal, Please check all the FAQs. Moreover, click here to learn the tips & tricks to safeguard yourself from PayPal Scams. 

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