Is Folcin Legit {Aug 2022} Check The Entire Review!

Folcin Online website Reviews

The article aims to provide information on the legitimacy of the Folcin shop and see if Is Folcin Legit or a scam. Stay with us till the end to explore more.

Do you need professional tools? Many peoples from around the countries love to work in their gardens. One of the countries is India, where people enjoy gardening and creating their own space with love. So a Folcin website is getting recognized for its professional gardening tools and some products which can give a whole new look to your garden, but people want to know if Is Folcin Legit. We are here to provide you with the correct information. This article will discuss the legitimacy of the Folcin store.

Is Folcin a legit shop?

Folcin’s website shows its official name on the website and flashes some featured products and its goal. To learn deeply about the website, we will discuss some parameters which will help you know if we can trust this Folcin store or not.

  • Domain Date – The Folcin website’s registration date is August 15, 2022
  • Trust Score – The Folcin website’s trust rate is 2%
  • Alexa Rate – The Folcin website’s Alexa rank is not available
  • Customer Review – No Folcin Reviews were found on Folcin’s official website
  • Address Legitimacy – The site address was recognized to be copied from other fake sites.
  • Email Legitimacy –
  • Plagiarism Information – On the Focin website, no plagiarism was found on their data or images
  • Unrealistic Discounts – There are no discounts on any of their products
  • Privacy Policy – All the privacy policies are mentioned on Folcin’s official website
  • Bulk Buying Option – The bulk Buying option is available, and you can buy more than 50 products in one go.
  • Social Media Presence – Folcin is not available on any social media platform

Overview on Folcin store and see whether Is Folcin Legit or Scam

Folcin claims to be a store for professional tools which provides their customer with great quality goods and services for gardening. Folcin claims to provide accurate goods, which would make their customer’s shopping experience outstanding. They claim to have years of experience and direct partnerships between buyers and suppliers.

The products Floxin store offers are – 

  • Solar LED Torch Light
  • 8-in-1 Water Jet
  • Automatic 360 Garden Lawn Sprinkler
  • Tools Storage Pouch
  • Floating Solar Fountain Kit
  • Multifunctional Brown Garden Kneeler& Seat with Gloves
  • And many more professional gardening tools and accessories

Some features that will show if Is Folcin Legit

  • Registration Date – The registration date of the Folcin website is August 15, 2022
  • URL –
  • Category – Professional Gardening Tools and Gardening Accessories
  • Company Address – 110 North Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, Ca 90026, USA
  • Contact Number – Folcin’s contact number is +1 206 –536 – 2473
  • Email Address –
  • Return Policy – 30 Days return policy has been provided to the customer
  • Shipping Charges – Shipping charges can vary based on the delivery location
  • Social Media Lists – Folcin store has not been found on any of the social media platforms, and the Folcin store lacks Folcin Reviews
  • Shipping Policy – Folcin takes 5-8 Business days to ship your order
  • Shipping Charges – Shipping charges can vary based on the delivery location
  • Refund Policy – 100% refund on cancellation of the order within 24 hours of placing the order, and after delivery, the refund will be given after inspection on behalf of specific criteria
  • Payment Mode – You can place your order by using PayPal and Venmo

Positive Points on Folcin store

  • Folcin store has provided all the information about their websites like the Company’s Address and Email Address.
  • Folcin Store has given the contact number of the store

Negative Points on Is Folcin Legit

  • Customer Reviews are missing from the Folcin official website
  • We could not contact them on any social media platform
  • We can buy even more than 50 products that seem suspicious

Customer Reviews

As we have informed you about the critical parameters and factors of the Folcin Website, but we were not able to find any reviews. There aren’t any customer reviews on Flocin’s official website. These reviews play an essential part in the shopping experience, so we suggest you look at other factors before buying from Folcin and How to avoid scams on PayPal.


The article discusses Is Folcin Legit, and as we discussed important points, this Folcin website has provided some essential information. Still, the website should have provided some customer reviews to gain the customers’ trust. Read here to know the tips for gardening.

Do you love gardening? Let us know how you like our article, and share your opinion in the comment below. Look here for How to Get a Full Refund on a Credit Card.

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