Is A Scam [Mar] Read Reviews Then Shop

Is A Scam 2021

Is A Scam [Mar] Read Reviews Then Shop -> Is shopping PlayStation from any gaming store is safe? Read the article and try to find the answer.

Is A Scam – It has been found that most gamers are trying to know the answer. Online gaming is popular in the United States, and gamers search for PlayStation, consolers, and video gaming items on various shopping portals. We must not forget to know the trustworthiness of the store before submitting our payments.

In today’s article, we will love to grab your attention towards reviews of as it’s the best way to know the real picture of the website. Let’s see how the services of the store are benefiting their customers.

Is A Scam?

Below mentioned are some most important facts about the store that can help us in judging the portal- 

  1. Domain age: The store is young and was registered on 22 February 2021. The site is accessible to the customers for one year.
  2. Availability on social media: The icons of social media are absent on the web page. No social media presence of the website is available.
  3. Low trust score: Only 4.5 ratings are provided to the store by scam detector, which shows the store has many flaws.
  4. Absence of contact details – the site is unsuccessful in sharing the company’s address and contact number. 
  5. Return policy – the site has a return policy but is failed to share the return address with the buyers.

Is A Scam – The store is dubious, and it’s unsafe to shop products from this e-commerce site.

What is

The store is the hub of gaming accessories. Gamers can have Xbox consoles, PlayStation, and wireless gaming devices to make their gaming more joyful. The store is providing all these items on sale. The company takes a 100% satisfaction guarantee and allows buyers to take their money back within 40 days if the product fails to meet their needs.

The store offers the most demanding PlayStation of Sony at just $399.95, but this deal does not seem to be attractive because we are now aware with the answer Is A Scam?

Specifications of

  • Type of site – store with gaming accessories.
  • Email address –
  • Cost of delivering items – no delivery charges.
  • Money-back guarantee – for 40 days
  • Order cancellation – cancel your order before shipping. 
  • Shipping – Worldwide 
  • Delivery timing – 7-15 business days
  • Payment methods – VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express.

Pros of

  • The company delivers items all over the world with no shipping charges.
  • Forty days money-back guarantee is available.

Cons of

  • Reviews are not written down by the buyers.
  • The site lacks icons of social media and has failed to show its presence on social media platforms.
  • On viewing the main page, we do not find the contact number and address of the store. It’s not easy to get replies from the company. 
  • The owner has hidden its identity and sells gaming items at weird prices.
  • The domain age is less, and its life expectancy is for one year.

What are Reviews?

The company has shared buyers’ experiences, which turned out to be positive, but we cannot trust them as no reviews of the store are available on the internet. No Facebook or instagram account is available through which we can know about people’s opinions.

The company has offered sale, providing free shipping and delivering its items globally only to attract customers. Unluckily, people are not showing interest in grabbing their deals. We have to wait for some time to know people’s feedback. The flaws of the company will not attract more customers in the future too.


Is A Scam has been justified clearly in the content. We have shared all the facts about the store to prevent your money from getting wasted.

The is a store with many gaming consoles and wireless controllers. The details of the product are very short. The about us page does not share the company’s goal and details of the company’s establishment. Moreover, the owner’s information is kept private.

Readers, it’s our suggestion not to use store for purchasing PlayStation. The internet is full of online sites that are ready to give you safe and trustworthy deals. Go and grab it.

Which is the latest PlayStation that you want to purchase? Please share some words about it in the comment box given below.

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