Is Giezim Legit {April 2022} Let’s Read Reviews Here!


The article covers all the necessary details about the website and let people know the answer to the question Is Giezim Legit for maintaining their safety.

Are you looking for beautiful wreaths to decorate your home on special occasions? We will take you on a tour of an online site that sells different wreaths that people can use. The wreaths are used for decoration, especially at Christmas; you can see them on the doors of people residing in the United States

Different varieties are present in the online store, and you can choose from any of them and get them delivered to your home. Apart from this, we will disclose the answer to Is Giezim Legit and whether you can buy from it.

Can Giezim be trusted completely?

Giezim deals in various wreaths, such as flower wreaths or metal ones. Both of them are equally in demand by the customers. But as buyers, we always tend to question whether we can trust the website or not? And for that, we need to look at some of the points mentioned here to know in-depth.

  • Website’s domain formed- 07th January 2022 is the website formation date, which is three months.
  • Trust result- The trust result of the website is 1 %.
  • Reviews- No Giezim Reviews are seen anywhere online.
  • Alexa Rank- The rank mentioned is 5127047
  • Plagiarised information- The website has not gained traffic, and plagiarism is not reported until now.
  • Address originality- The address mentioned does not seem legit as there is no information about the store.
  • Social media links- The website has not linked itself to any social media websites, including Instagram and Facebook.
  • Unrealistic discounts- No discounts are allowed on the products.
  • Owner’s details- We have no idea who has created the website.

Therefore, from the above data, Is Giezim Legit? Looking at the information mentioned above, we can say that the website seems to be fake. The address details do show anything related to the online store, and also, no one has purchased anything from this store. It is difficult for anyone to trust this website because of the low trust ranking and people in the United States buy wreaths from a verified store online. 

Specifications about the website

  • The website’s age came on board on 07th January 2022, only three months before.
  • URL-
  • Social media pages- We know there are no social media pages that show details about the website, and due to that, it cannot comment on Is Giezim Legit.
  • Category- Wreaths of different kinds.
  • Email-
  • Address- 421 Sean Ln, Aston, PA 19014, United States
  • Returns available- People can return the items within 30 days of purchase.
  • Refund available- No time details are provided.
  • Payment category- Only PayPal is used for transactions.
  • Shipping and delivery available- Within 3 working days to 7 working days , the items are shipped.

Highlights of Giezim

  • Giezim sells wreaths for decorating your homes in the best possible way, and choices are many.
  • It had acquired HTTPS certificate.
  • The store sells unique valentine wreaths and has a unique collection for that day.

Challenges based on Giezim Reviews

  • Giezim has a significant drawback relating to the trust index, which is why people are not ready to trust the website.
  • The contact address seems to be fake, and we do not think we will be able to contact the store after we order from it.
  • There is a massive chance of us getting cheated upon by the store, so it is suggested to maintain safety.

Customer Reviews

We tried our best to extract some of the information about the store, but we failed. We have found no reviews that can answer whether Is Giezim Legit or not, and we can clearly explain the same. We do not know what is in store for the website, and there are very high chances of the website being discontinued. We suggest people purchase from authentic stores. 

People who do not know what wreaths  are can read here. They are also advised to go through How To Get a Full Refund On PayPal if scammed.

Final Thought

Wreaths are used for decorative purposes, and you can purchase them from any legal website. It is necessary to avoid these fake websites and protect yourself from any scams. What is your answer to Is Giezim LegitHave you bought anything from the store? If yes, kindly let us know in the comment below. Meanwhile, go through How To Get a Full Refund On Credit Card.

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