Is Goolgaming com Legit {Jan 2022} Quick Website Review!

Goolgaming Online Website Reviews

Is Goolgaming com Legit team has investigated an e-commerce platform selling home improvement products and put its finding in public domain.

Are you looking for home improvement products like Tool cabinets and carts at a lower price? High-end retail stores in the United States sell these products at high prices, but Goolgaming is offering home improvement items at almost half the price. 

This online store selling Tool kits and cabinets claims to be a global player, centered in Boston and Berlin. As thousands of websites are made functional daily, it’s essential to check each one’s legitimacy. Is Goolgaming com Legit has exactly done that for online shoppers in this Review?

Analyzing the Legitimacy of Goolgaming com: 

Goolgaming is less than a one-year-old website, and there are almost negligible daily unique visitors on this site. Every online portal tries to maximize its effort to get traffic on its platform, and this tool kit selling platform is lacking on that front. 

In these circumstances, it’s become essential to know about the legitimacy of this site. Our research team has minutely analyzed this tool cabinet selling store and presented its findings for internet users.

  • Trust index – Goolgaming com Reviews found the trust index for this site to be 58.1 percent point, a moderate rating for the legitimate portal.
  • Domain age – 11-month-old domain (11th February 2021)
  • Alexa ranking – The Alexa ranking for this tool cart selling portal is zero, indicating no traffic after eleven months of its operation.
  • Newsletter – Available
  • Social media presence – No social media site is linked to this site, and it has no social media presence of its own.
  • Plagiarism – The content of his site is of low quality and lacks originality.
  • Owner’s detail – No information about the owner could be found on this portal.
  • Trust score: Is Goolgaming com Legit found the trust score for this portal to be eight percentage points, a low rating indicative of a suspicious site.
  • Missing policy – Essential details like email address and contact number are missing for this e-commerce portal.
  • Customer reviews – After eleven months of operation, no customer review related to this store could be found.

What is Goolgaming com Portal?

Goolgaming is an e-commerce platform selling home improvement products at a lesser than market price to its customers. It claims to offer high-quality service to internet users in different parts of the world.

According to Is Goolgaming com legit team, it is hard to trust this site as it has one unique daily visitor in eleven months of its operation. Some of the products available on this platform are tool kits, tool cabinets, tool carts, and mobile workbenches.

Its website says it has 18 fulfillment centers and 38 delivery points across the United States and some European countries. 

Specifications of Goolgaming online store:

  • Domain name –
  • Website address –
  • Products sold – Tool cabinet and carts
  • Email address – Not available
  • Newsletter – Available
  • Shipping policy –  3-10 days
  • Return policy – 7 days from purchase date
  • Payment method – PayPal 
  • Contact detail – Not given

Is Goolgaming com Legit, found the following features in Favor of this Web Portal

  • The shipping policy of 3-10 days is the standard time taken in the e-commerce industry.
  • They also gave a warranty of 30 days for products sold during flash sale campaigns; customers can get their money back for a substandard product.
  • The prices of the product are less when compared to the market price.

Cons of Goolgaming Website:

  • Essential information like contact details and email addresses are missing on the company’s site.
  • No customer review of this store could be found.
  • Legit sites have given it a low rating.
  • It has no social media presence.
  • The owner’s details are missing from this site.

What are Goolgaming com Reviews?

There is no customer review available for this e-commerce store on the digital platform as it has no traffic on its sites. It has used Lowe’s name on its website for its operation; Lowe is one of the country’s top home improvement product selling company.

Public review sites have no customer review of any of its products. The product detail page has a lot of information related to items and other services, but customer reviews are missing. 

The lack of genuine customer reviews and other important details raises suspicion about this site; online shoppers can get more information on scam sites here.

Final verdict:

Is Goolgaming com Legit advises internet users to do their research before dealing with this e-commerce platform as it appears to be a suspicious Website. People can fulfill their requirements for home improvement products from other known online marketplaces.

Have you purchased any home improvement products recently? Please share your experience in the comment section, and customers trying to get their credit card refund can click here.

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