Is Groove Pillow Legit {June 2022} Read Website Reviews!

Groove Pillow Online Website Reviews

This writing below will enlighten customers, Is Groove Pillow Legit. Furthermore, it will inform and provide appropriate details for the safe purchase.

Don’t you crave a pillow and mattress that will ease your long day’s stress? Are you looking for a pillow mattress that will end your painful sleep experiences? The people of the United Kingdom have this option.

A website, namely Groove pillows, is giving its customers an option of a customized mattress and pillow that will ease their pains and make them feel comfortable for real. Though many are wondering, Is Groove Pillow Legit? Let’s find this out.

Is the Groove pillow trustworthy or not?

  • Created on- 29/11/2021 (Less than a year)
  • Expiration on- 29/11/2022 (Less than 6 months left)
  • Owner facts- No data found regarding the owner with WHOIS.
  • Trust index rate- 58.9% gained by the company on the index.
  • Trust mark- 81% gained by the company on the marking list.
  • Website’s denylist dignity- Have not been detected by any denylist search engine yet.
  • Insurance- Insured HTTPS protocol detected.
  • Social media addresses- Not found on any social media platforms.
  • Groove Pillow Reviews– There are reviews given on the official website.
  • Contact details- Searchable and working on Google maps.
  • Technical analysis- Valid SSL agreement found.
  • The proximity of the cautious website- Gained 22/100, a low suspicion score.
  • Spam mark- Gained 0(zero) out of 100, which is the best score.
  • Phishing mark-Gained 1/100, which is a good score.
  • Threat profile- Gained 4/100, which is a promising score.
  • Malware mark- Gained 4/100, which is an adequate score. 
  • Website popularity ratio- It has a Poor popularity rate.

Is Groove Pillow Legit? The answer is Yes, somehow. However, we should check some other facts before the purchase.

All About Groove Pillow.Com-

Groove pillow is claiming to be a new venture of EasySleeper. EasySleeper is renowned for a wide variety of sleep mattresses and pillows for special medical attention. Not just this, but this website has a section for different problems and their related pillows and mattresses.

Groove is renowned especially for ergonomic dip and for tensed body posture. In addition, the website has special care kits for pillows and mattresses such as sprays etc. 

Is Groove Pillow Legit? Details and specifications-

  • Website’s title-
  • Contact number- +44-808-258-3559
  •  Email address-
  • Address – 3rd floor, 86 – 90 Paul St, London EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom
  • Cost- It costs £ pounds.
  • Return and refund policies- Customers will get a 100% refund within 100 days of the purchase with proof of purchase and original packaging with no damage to the purchased goods.
  • Payment methods- Paypal, ShopPay, and Gpay.
  • Shipping policies – Shipping will vary within 2-7 days. They aren’t delivering to Iran, Cuba, Syria, Iraq, and North Korea.

Is Groove Pillow Legit? This analysis indicates it as a yes somehow.

Positives of this website-

  • They have an external review system.
  • A valid SSL certificate has been detected.
  • They have a DNS filter that marks this website as safe.
  • They are linked with a former company that is renowned, and that has numerous reviews on other official websites.
  • They have written, video recorded and rated reviews on their website.

Negatives of this website-

  • The website is not very popular and has a poor popularity rate.
  • The domain of this website is quite young.
  • Owner identity is concealed with WHOIS.

Groove Pillow Reviews

Customers can find numerous positive reviews in the form of ratings, written and video documented. These reviews are for Groove pillow and their former firm, Easy sleep company. There are separate sections for different postural and pain problems that will give customers a wide range of smart selections.

Some customers also mentioned their medical conditions improved after using the website’s customized products. These details will let us suggest you purchase the products with a sensible analysis. Additionally, click here to get details about the security of PayPal scams.


We can primarily say “yes”, after analysing the question: Is Groove Pillow Legit! This website is quite connected to legitimate sites, and its policies are also trustworthy. However, the recommendation is still to get the products with a wise selection to protect oneself from potential threats.

Not just this, but after getting products, one should safely preserve the proof of purchase and packaging for a safe and hustle-free refund. If you want to purchase from this portal,

Please go through all the FAQs. Also, click here to safeguard yourself from Credit Card scams

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