Is Gurigari Co UK Legit {July 2022} Informative Reviews!

Gurigari Co UK Online Website Reviews

Is Gurigari Co UK Legit has investigated an e-commerce portal selling home décor products and presented its findings.  

Are you an online retail customer looking for home décor products? There are various benefits of buying items from an e-commerce portal as it gives the customer many options before making their decision. Guri gari is a portal that claims to sell home décor goods for online shoppers in the United Kingdom.

Since it has started its operation recently and little is known about this website, it’s essential to check its legitimacy. Is Gurigari Co UK Legit has presented all the legit facts in this review for shoppers.

Legit Data of Guri gari Co UK:

Many online shoppers have lost their money while purchasing items from scammer websites. This review section has data related to legit facts and gives the customer insight into the online store. The shopper can use this data as an informative tool for purchasing items from this shop.

  • Age of Domain – This portal is seven months old (25th November 2021)
  • Rank on Alexa Web portal – It has an Alexa ranking of zero, which indicates no traffic on the Guri gari platform.
  • Trust score – According to Gurigari Co UK Reviews, it has a trust score of 6%, a low score for any legit website.
  • Domain expiry – The expiry date for this domain is 25th November 2022.
  • Plagiarism – Most of the content on the site appears to be copied from other websites and lacks originality.
  • Social platform – Social media icons are present on the product detail page for sharing, but it has no presence on any social media platform.
  • Owner’s detail – The details related to the owner are not mentioned on the website.
  • Customer reviews – Guri gari has no customer reviews on the digital platform but has given customer ratings for some products sold on its website.
  • Trust Index Is Gurigari Co UK Legit trust index for this online store is 100%, a high index for a legit site.
  • Physical address – The company address is given on the site’s contact us page.

What is Guri gari Co UK Portal?

Gurigari is an e-commerce portal selling home décor products for personal and office needs. According to the information on its website, this store was founded in 2018 and started its online operation in November 2021. 

It has a collection of around 60 000 products on its platform, and all the products are related to the home décor category. Is Gurigari Co UK Legit has listed some items on this website.

  • Home furniture
  • Office desk
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Home improvement items
  • Housewares

Most of the items are sold at a flat rate on this site, and at present, this website is running no promotional campaign for the shoppers. To further check the legitimacy of this store, let’s discuss its specifications, pros and cons.


  • Name of domain –
  • Domain URL –
  • Email address –
  • Contact address – Dorset House, Regent Park, Kingston Rd, Leatherhead KT227PL, United Kingdom.
  • Shipping policy – 2-14 for the delivery of the product
  • Return policy – Within 30 days
  • Newsletter – Available
  • Payment options – credit and debit cards

Is Gurigari Co UK Legit Pros for this Portal:

  • The shipping and return policy matched with another online store in the industry.
  • The physical address along with Google map is present on the contact us page of the store.
  • Emails address and newsletters are available for customer support.
  • Most of the home décor items are available on this platform.

Cons for Guri gari Co UK:

  • The trust score for this store is 6%, a low score for a genuine site.
  • Customer reviews for products sold on Guri gari are missing.
  • The Alexa rank of this website is zero.
  • The social media pages are not present.
  • The owner’s details are missing from the platform.

Read Gurigari Co UK Reviews

This e-commerce platform is less than one year old, and according to the Alexa web portal, it has no traffic on it. We cannot find customer reviews for home décor products sold on this site. The customer rating for some products are available in detail on the product page of the company website, but it could be fabricated.

The absence of any customer reviews for Gurigari Co UK further makes it a suspicious site. If you want to know about a PayPal refund, click here.


Most parameters like less age, lack of customer feedback and zero Alexa rank  make this site suspicious. Is Gurigari Co UK Legit advises shoppers to do their research before spending money on Gurigari products.

Has any online store cheated you in recent times? Please share your experience in the comment section and to get details on Credit Card refund, read here.

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