Is Hammachess Legit (Oct 2021) Check Authentic Reviews!

Hammachess Online Websire review

The article is an informative guide to understand the features of a website and it will also illuminate you through the answers of Is Hammachess Legit or not.

Have you started preparing for Christmas? There’s not much time left as it is just around the corner. To avoid the last moment rush, you should get started with all the shopping right now.

But since the holidays have not started yet in the United States, it can be a problem to find time for the shopping. The right solution for this problem is named Hammachess.  But first, the first and foremost important thing is to know Is Hammachess Legit?

Does It Lead To a Scam?

As far as Hammachess is concerned we have found out all the legitimacy checkpoints that are inevitable.

  • Date of Registration: 09-04-2021
  • Brand Age: 7 months old
  • Trust Index: 27%
  • The authenticity of Address: The website do not provide any address
  • Amount of Plagiarism: A huge amount of duplicate content is present here
  • Details for Contact: contact can be established through email and WhatsApp
  • Owners’ Details: The owner’s name is Norse
  • Policies: The details of the policies of this website is not clear
  • Mode of Payment: Payments are to be made through PayPal and Credit Card
  • Hammachess Reviews: There is no review found on this website
  • Social Existence: There is an official account with the brand’s name but the link address given there is not of the website that we are talking about
  • Server Location: Unknown

The details about the website are very dubious. This website uses the brand name of another website as per the page found on Facebook and there is no link found between these two sites. So, the shopping portal does not look to be legit.

About the Website

The e-commerce portal is focused on selling Christmas decorations. There is not much information available about the website to determine Is Hammachess Legit or not. The owner introduced him/her as Norse.

The website offers 37 products in total and the prices are all under $50. The website also offers some discount facilities if you order multiple items together. It follows the rule of the more you buy the more discount you get.

Specific details about the Site 

  • Link address: 
  • Contact Number: +85246239445 is the company’s number for WhatsApp
  • Portal Type: E-commerce Portal for Christmas Decorations
  • Office Address: No address is given
  • Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 10:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Email Address: support@pengy
  • Shipping Methods: Three types of Shipping Methods are available: Standard, Express and Royal VIP
  • Shipping Charges: Variable as per
  • Reviews: There are no Hammachess Reviews available on the internet.
  • Delivery Range: Worldwide delivery is provided
  • Payment Options: Credit cards and PayPal are accepted
  • Return Period: Return Requests can be made within 30 days
  • Return Charges: Not mentioned
  • Cancellation Policy: No data is available
  • Policy for Exchange: No exchange is allowed
  • Refund Details: The refund policy is not clearly stated
  • Social Media Accounts: The official page on Facebook does not belong to this website though it has the same name

List of Pros

  • 30 days return policy is applicable
  • Three types of Shipping Methods are available 
  • Product Description s are given in detail

Is Hammachess Legit with the Cons

  • Exchange is not possible
  • Only two types of payment methods are available
  • The website has no legit social media account
  • Policies are not clear
  • There is no review found for this shopping portal

What Are the Customers Saying?

While we looked through the internet, we learned that there is no review available for this particular Shopping portal. We also learned that the website is not present on social media. Though the website uses Hammachess brand name and it has no link with the original brand.

The official website is also unable to provide us with the answers to Is Hammachess Legit? That is why you should know How to Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed. 

The absence of any single review about the website is the evidence of it being fraudulent, and the decorations  found here can lead you to a scam.

Final Verdict

We would like to suggest that you avoid the website to save yourself from being a Victim of Credit Card Fraud as our research has revealed many indications that the particular E-commerce portal is not trustworthy. After analyzing all the data, we can surely say that the answer of Is Hammachess Legit comes as no.

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