Is Iffashion Store Legit {July} Complete Genuine Review!

Iffashion Store Online Website Reviews

This report discusses Is Iffashion Store Legit to educate readers about a website that deals with women’s products, but its online platform is new.

Are you looking to revamp your clothing but unsure of where to start? Do you need assistance in getting top women’s products? We’re glad to assist you in knowing more about Iffashion Store and its reliability.

Many online shoppers across India and other places usually need assistance knowing about the fashion store’s reliability. However, many fashion stores may be new or sell low-quality women’s products. So, this post below lets you know more about Is Iffashion Store Legit.

Is Iffashion Store a Scam?

  • Iffashion Store information for its domain – Iffashion Store registered its website or domain on July 1, 2022. Its website’s or domain’s registration ends on July 1, 2023.
  • Domain description of Iffashion Store’s online marketplace: Iffashion has acquired the very same URL for its domain, which is entitled
  • Online media connecting sites: Iffashion Store or online shop is not active on any social media sites.
  • Digital Ratings and Digital Trust level–Iffashionstore features just a 02% trust rating or trust level virtually.
  • User Reviews- There are almost nil Iffashion Store Reviews on trusted networking sites.
  • Trust Factor – The online cosmetic store operated by Iffashionstore has a 1% trustworthiness or rating, per scoring network.
  • Rank- Iffashionstore has not received rank on the online ranking platforms.

What is Iffashion Store?

The top women’s western clothing ecommerce website is Iffashion Store. Shop for dresses, hoodies, jumpsuits, tops, skirts, or a brand-new appearance. With the help of this site, a new, attractive you are just in a couple of clicks.

However, most customers who want to purchase Iffashionstore’s women’s products need proof of their authenticity. Knowing a few specifics, you could also determine when you may get herbal cosmetics from Iffashionstore online store. It would help you determine whether it Is Iffashion Store Legit

You must investigate crucial details of the company on other web pages to decide if purchasing from Iffashion Store’s online cosmetic store would be beneficial. Many fraudulent web pages trick users into providing their personal or financial credentials.

Specifications of Iffashion Store:

  • Website URL-
  • E-mail
  • Contact information – No details available. 
  • The contact location of the Iffashion store is Sarthi Complex, 338, Kalavad Main Road, Gujarat, India.
  • Working Hours- No details available. 
  • Iffashion Store accepts PayPal, Bank transfers, or Google Pay. 
  • Shipping Terms- Iffashion Store delivers its goods nationwide within two to seven business days. But first, kindly do some study about Is Iffashion Store Legit.
  • Return Policy- You must inform or contact Iffashion Store within 24 hours of receiving the product if you wish to return it. But its shipping page states 14 days to return the items you bought.

Pros of Iffashion Store:

  • Women’s fashion products and accessories operated by Iffashion Store have wide varieties.
  • Ifffashion Store provides deals on its women’s goods and accessories.
  • Iffafshion Store offers free shipping and handling on every order.

Cons of Iffashion Store:

  • Iffashion Store has no rank given on the trusted and reliable networks.
  • The About Us web page of Iffashion Store has copied content.
  • Iffashion offers 24 hours as its return terms, but its other page states fourteen days.

Iffashion Store Reviews:

There are no good or negative customer reviews for the women’s merchandise at However, the absence of user evaluations renders Iffashion Store a new or doubtful shopping web page.

Also, Iffashion Store has no Facebook, Instagram, or other social media account, making it difficult to know customers’ opinions. So, investigating Iffashion Store, the women’s products store, will benefit you from avoiding buying its goods.

By researching Iffashion’s online store’s details on internet resources, you may find additional information about the trustworthiness of Iffashion Store’s website and determine whether it Is Iffashion Store Legit. For updated data on how to avoid becoming duped by scammers and phishing websites, visit Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed.

Final Verdict:

Iffashionstore has no positive aspects, and it’s About Us page talks about Moonstruck, making it a fake platform. Also, Iffasfhionstore’s rank and trust score are unsatisfactory. So, avoid buying goods from Iffashionstore. But, you can refer here for some fashion and style tips  and look out How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam

Did you place an order from IffashionStore ever? Please leave a comment if the women’s products delivered were satisfactory and do a thorough investigation to see if it Is Iffashion Store Legit.

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    1. Hello Monika! Based on our research, this website is not authentic. So, we suggest you contact your bank as the order was not placed, but still money was deducted. Thanks, and also, be safe and remain alert!

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