Is Jansello Legit {April} Read A Detailed Review Here!

Jansello Online Website Reviews

This post on Is Jansello Legit has explained all the relevant details the buyers were searching to know its legitimacy.

Do you want to improve the shape of your face? Here we have one suggestion for an online website. The Jansello shop in the United States offers skin treatment products. You can shop without any fear and also on fantastic offers. But you need to know Is Jansello Legit

This post will inform you about its permissibility. So, our viewers can refer to this post to know its truthfulness. Kindly read this post.

Is this shop legit?

This section will explain the purpose of creating this shop if the seller’s purpose is to scam the buyers or to offer legitimate deals. Hence, we could not find its legitimacy without having complete knowledge. This post has shared multiple details that have the ability to open the eyes of the viewers. They can check if this website is accurate. Here we will share details on the lawfulness and the Jansello Reviews. The buyers should not skip this section and must accustom to this paragraph as it can save them from scams and frauds. Hence, we would like to request you all to look into these details. 

Kindly read the details shared below: 

  • Website Registration: March 27, 2022, is Jansello’s registration date. It was registered less than a month ago.
  • Registrar: Jansello was registered under NameCheap, Inc.
  • Trust Index: Jansello has a one percent trust rate. Based on this trust score, you can judge if it is a scam or legit.
  • Customer’s Reaction: Based on Is Jansello Legit, the reviews on online review sites and official websites are unseen. It gives a fake look to this website.
  • Social Media Platform: We have not seen any pages on social media platforms. Jansello seems to be unpopular. 
  • Data Security: This website, Jansello, uses HTTPS protocol. It helps in transferring the data securely. But, it does not always mean security.
  • Customer Policies: They have successfully mentioned customer care policies. The buyers can check their policies in their respective sections.
  • Missing Data: All the required contact details are mentioned in their layout. However, the owner’s details are unknown.

Brief as per Is Jansello Legit

Jansello shop is an online website selling special tools and items for skin. People want to have clear skin. Many external factors have caused damage to human skins. You can shop for a variety of skin treatment tools that can change your life. You can use these tools to improve the shape of your face. They have the following items: 

  • Ultrasonic Facial Skin
  • Face Lifting Vacuum Machine
  • Western Flare Fringe Skirt
  • Ice Compress Instrument Lifting House Device

Features of Jansello Shop

  • Buy a face lifting machine from
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: +1 (424) 332-4442
  • Address details: 6740 Woodrow Wilson Dr, United States, Los Angeles, California 90068.
  • Based on Is Jansello Legit, we could not find any reviews on their official platform. The online sites have not reviewed their products.
  • Return Policy: Two Week Return policy is offered. 
  • A $20 restocking fee is charged.
  • Shipping Policy: Orders remain in transit for around 2-5 days.
  • Safe checkout through PayPal, Visa, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, American Express, Discover. 

Positive Points

  • Email address, phone number, and location information are provided.
  • HTTPS is detected.
  • Worldwide shipping is offered.
  • Money-back guarantee is offered.

Negative Points

  • Reviews are unseen on any platform.  
  • The owner’s details are missing.
  • Pages on social media platforms are unavailable.

Jansello Reviews

We have found the email, address, and phone number on their layout. However, the owner’s details are not provided. There were no reviews seen on any platform if we talked about reviews. Their official website does not have any buyer’s reviews. There is no evidence on any social media platform. This shows that this website is not popular. Hence, we could conclude that this website seems fake and irrelevant. Moreover, this post also describes details on credit card scams. You can check the measurements to avoid such scams.

Final Summary

Wrapping up this post on Is Jansello Legit, we have found that this shop was registered less than a month ago. It is poorly rated based on its trust score. Hence, we could not trust it as it seems to be a scam website. The buyers are requested to take necessary action on PayPal Scamming through this post. Please check this link to know details on Skin Care.  

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  1. Ok, so I just ordered a bike from them today.i will gladly update you on what happens. I can tell you that unlike all the other sites that scam (and I know from experience such as nionaccou, rolling cart and a couple others.) This particular site does have a legit working phone number for contact purposes.ill keep you updated.

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