Is Jordanxred Legit (Mar 2022) Check Detailed Reviews!

Jordanxred Online Website Reviews

Is Jordanxred Legit? A new web portal, which sells leading branded shoes, approaching online shoppers with huge rebate deals. Is it legit? Read details.

Do you have a soft corner in shoe brands, especially the Jordan brand? If so, you should consider reading this article. Apart from the Jordan official selling site, you find the barbed shoes are being sold on various third-party sellers in the search result.

Among the stores, Jordanxred shop ranked higher as the shop has recently gone widespread in the United States because of its amazing deal on Jordan shoes.

However, Is Jordanxred Legit? The shop provides a mega sale on every model of Jordan shoe, but first, let’s figure out its worthiness.

Determining the Jordanxred shop’s trustability:

With the advancement of the e-commerce market, the number of con activities has increased simultaneously. So, to keep yourself secure, you should determine the trustability of any website.

  • Broken Links: No links have been recognized as non-clickable.
  • Website Age: Around 2 weeks. The domain was recorded on the e-com platform on 9th February 2022.
  • Trust-Score: It is 60%.
  • Domain ID: ‘’ is the registered name.
  • Verification of Location: The address is verified. Anyone can find the location details on the map, but it is not any corporate location.
  • Remarks: Jordanxred Reviews are inaccessible.
  • Missing Data: Cancellation, replacement & refund policy, contact number.
  • Community Platforms: Its existence on community platforms is unclear, as no data is available.
  • Payment Information: Several systems.
  • Piracy Content: 39% common content & 36% piracy record.
  • Skipped Page: 250 pages are present.
  • Authorized Company Details: The company name has not been disclosed.

Although the trust score is average, the shop has several flaws. Additionally, considering its age, the shop has been recently made. So, we have to uncover more data.

What is the Jordanxred shop?

It is a shoe retail store displaying branded shoes via online medium. However, Is Jordanxred Legit? The shopping destination only displays Jordan, the leading shoe brand in its collection. Here anyone can browse the newly launched Jordan shoe and buy it at a 70% discounted price.

The shop design is minimalistic and simple, with a simple menu header and collections details. Its whole collections have been grouped together based on the model. There are 9 catalogs present- Jordan 1- Jordan 9. Besides, the shoes have a short description with stock details, and several shoe pictures are also available taken from different angles.


  • URL of its Official Website:
  • Consumer’s Feedback: Jordanxred Reviews are not present.
  • Phone Number: No customer service number is available.
  • Located At: 1026-West Marietta, St-NW, Atlanta, GA-30318, United States.
  • Email Address:
  • Transportation Procedure: The owner has not specified the process details or modes of transportation and duration. So, you can only get to know me during checking out.
  • Cost of Transportation: The buyer can check the shipping fees when the purchasing process starts.
  • Cancellation System (If any): Our fellow members have not found any details specifying how to cancel the order.
  • Return Service: The service is missing.
  • Is Jordanxred Legit: We found no adequate data to declare its authenticity.
  • Order Replacement: It’s not sure whether the service is available or not.
  • Order Refund Policy: The refund service information is hidden.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, Amex, Discover, Visa, Discover, Master Card.


  • The shop gives a mega discount on each Jordan shoe.
  • Massive collections are available.
  • Several payment modes.
  • Trust score is average.


  • Several crucial policy details (Cancellation, return, refund) are missing.
  • Reviews are absent.
  • Social connection is not active.
  • Skipped pages are detected.
  • Not popular at all.
  • No promotion campaign has not been done on digital medium.

User’s reaction on ‘Is Jordanxred Legit’:

The site lacks reviews, which means the remarks are not available on the shop about the delivery service, customer service, and product quality. But, we got some blogs and articles where experts have reviewed the site as it is very new and unpopular.

Plus, as we specified, the presence of the profile is unknown due to the absence of data on the portal. Therefore, we checked externally and found no profile. So, it’s clear that there is no account of the community profile. Additionally, read the latest process on how to get the money back on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Is Jordanxred Legit? The shop is newly established and lacks in different areas like zero reviews, lack of social connection, etc. So, you can give the shop a bit of time to create its recognition in the market. Plus, read the tip for getting a refund on credit cards. Does this help you to judge the website? Please comment below.

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