{Updated} Is Lil Cam 5th Ward Dead: Who Is He? Does He Killed in Houston? Keep An Eye on Instagram & TWITTER Handles!

Latest News Is Lil Cam 5th Ward Dead

In the given article, you will find out the reality, Is Lil Cam 5th Ward Dead, along with rumours and Facts about this murder case.

Do you know who killed Lil Cam? How did Lil Cam connect with the Takeoff murder case? Shocking news came in public of Lil Cam Murder. He was killed on 4th November Friday as per the media information. 

People in the United States are questioning this outlandish theory of the Murder of Lil Cam. Takeoff murder case is connected with Lil Cam. He is one of the prime suspects for the authority. But the sudden incident of Lil Cam Murder shook everyone. We need to get proper confirmation; Is Lil Cam 5th Ward Dead or alive?

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Reality Check 

A 16-year-old young rapper, Lil cam is dead. He was a Prime suspect in the Takeoff Murder. There is no verification whether he was framed for the taking of Murder or he murdered him. Police were investigating the case and suddenly the news came out that the prime suspect is also dead.

It would bring a new twist if Lil were the killer who might have killed him. We came to know from the sources that it is a rivalry between the rappers. Takeoff belongs to the Migos group. Rumours say it is a gang war between the rappers, and Migos took their revenge this time.

Lil Cam Killed in Houston.

Lil Cam was murdered in Huston at night. It is the same city where his Rival rapper Takeoff died. When a reporter asked about Lil, his colleague said that he was out for unknown business. He was shot dead, and they have a suspicion about Migos.

The prime suspect is dead just a few days after Takeoff’s death. So there can be two possibilities, as per the authority, that it is a gang rival war or the real Murder killed both of them. Yet the investigation is under process. We will inform you as soon as there is clarification regarding this murder mystery case.

Who Is Lil Cam?

Lil Cam is a rising rapper and songwriter. 5th Ward is a rapper organisation that involves rising stars in the music industry. Lil was born in California. After that, he spent his life in the streets of pimptown. Lil was a part of the rapping group the 5th Ward MobTies. 

He joined the 5th ward group to become a part of the rap industry. Joshua Isaiah Cameron is the real name of Lil. He was growing and reaching success, but recently, his name was connected with the competitive rapping group Migos. He produced multiple records and music. Soon after that, he was also shot dead.

Is Lil Cam 5th Ward Dead or Alive?

Lil is dead, and people misunderstand his death so don’t fall into a trap. Media and police authorities confirmed the news of his death. The news of his death was initially seen through social media posts. The brawl between the two rival gangs can rise after his death. Police are taking care of the scenario and avoiding any further brutal murder in the streets of Huston.

Bio of Lil Cam 

Real Name Joshua Isaiah Cameron 
Age 16
Date of Birth  Unknown 
Profession Rapper, Singer 
Nationality  American
Rapping Group  5th Ward
Father/ Mother  Unknown

Lil Cam Instagram

Lil Insta insta page is  . Lil’s Ig name is burglyfecam. He has more than 2.5k followers on his Ig account. People are sharing his post and commenting R.I.P. to the rising star of the Hip Hop industry.

Note: All the details have been taken from authentic media sources. 


Police and the public suspect the Murder of Lil Cam resulted from the gang war. The investigation is under process. Police say that once they find more clues and clarity on the case, they will inform the media.

Who do you think is the real murderer of Lil Cam? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Watch live reporting of the murder case on YouTube  

Is Lil Cam 5th Ward Dead: F.A.Q.s

Q1 Who Killed Lil Cam?

The mystery is unsolved. Police are investigating the scene.

Q2 Where can we find Lil Cam Songs?


Q3 Was he the killer of Takeoff?

Investigation of take of the Murder case was undergoing, but there is no confirmation that Lil was responsible for Takeoff’s death.

Q4 Where did Lil Cam get killed?

In the street of Huston 

Q5 Who is the main owner of 5th Ward? 

Daddy Lo, Mr. Slimm, Nickelboy.

Q6 Where did the news of Lil’s death first be confirmed?


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