Is Metelo Shoes Legit {Oct 2022} Read Quick Reviews!

Metelo Shoes Online Website Reviews

This article proves the Metelo website’s legitimacy and trustworthiness through Is Metelo Shoes Legit.

Are you a fashion freak person? Do you love to match your footwear with your outfit? Are you a person who is searching for the best website from which you can order sneakers? If you are eager to know about it, this article will help you get information about a website. 

There are websites which are specialized in online selling that are increasing tremendously in the United States. Thus, the legitimacy of the website is required to be fulfilled. We have to be secured from this factor, and thus, we need to find the Is Metelo Shoes Legit and now, let’s discuss this legitimacy. 

Is authentic? 

  • Domain age: The website’s domain age is the best factor in deciding whether the website is legitimate. But as per the research of, we found that the website is less than six months old. It was created and launched on 20th March 2022. 
  • Social media sites: Social media relevance is increasing in this world of globalization, where everything is linked with each other. But, for this website, there is no social media linkage, and thus does not seem to be legitimate. 
  • Consumer Reviews: The reviews are important, but Metelo Shoes Reviews are unavailable on this website. So, we cannot believe that the website is legitimate. 
  • Trust Score: The website’s trust score is very low as it has only a 1% trust score, and therefore, we cannot hold on to this website. 
  • Policy details: The policy details are important, and we need to know that this website has clear policy details. But this could not be the sole source of legitimacy. 
  • Contact details: The contact details are unavailable as the website has provided only an email address for contact. 
  • Certification: The HTTPS certification is important; thus, we have found it on this website. But, ultimately, with all these factors, we are still not clear with Is Metelo Shoes Legit 

What is 

Metelo is a website that provides sneakers and shoes to consumers. Different types of shoes are available on the website. Soft air shoes, walking shoes, soso shoes, and other shoes are available on this website in the United States

Limited discounts and other secured payment methods are available for the consumers on the website. The shoes are available for men and women and include different colors. So, on this website, we can access our favorite shoes for different occasions. But we need to understand Is Metelo Shoes Legit for the best services and to save money. 


  • Website type: Retailer
  • Product Type: Sneakers
  • URL:
  • Domain name:
  • Domain Age: Less than six months 
  • Email Address:
  • Address: Not available
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping Time is for 14-30 days. 
  • Return Policy: The return is acceptable for 14 days. 
  • Refund Policy: The refund will be processed. 
  • Payment Policy: The Payment gateway for the people is Amex, Mastercard, Visa, and other payment options. 
  • Certification: There is an HTTPS protocol for data protection. 
  • Social Media existence: Social media existence is important, but for this website, we do not know its social media existence. 

Positive aspects of Metelo Shoes for Is Metelo Shoes Legit

  • There are different types and shoes available for men and women on one website. 
  • The HTTPS protocol defines the consumer protection of their data, and all the website data is protected from hackers. 

Negative aspects of Metelo Shoes: 

  • The website does not have social media existence, and therefore we cannot trust this website as there is no credibility in the website. 
  • The consumer reviews are also not present on this website which is also an important factor for its legitimacy. Thus, this is not a favorable factor for the consumers. 

What are Metelo Shoes Reviews

The reviews are important to know, and thus, we searched about the reviews. As the website is new, we must understand that the reviews are unavailable on this website. We must know about the reviews, although the new websites are not capable of holding the reviews. In addition to this, you must also read and understand the PayPal scams

Final Verdict: 

Metal Shoes are accessible to consumers. But as the website is new, people are asking about its legitimacy factors. After analyzing all the factors about the website, the research proves that the question of Is Metelo Shoes Legit seems to be valid. The website is still suspicious of the people. 

However, you can buy the shoes from legitimate websites by clicking here. Besides this, learn about the Credit Card Scams, which are increasing in society. 

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