Is Neckly Legit {May 2022} Read Easy & Quick Reviews!

Neckly Online Website Reviews

Please read carefully the article below and check out the details of the website to determine whether it Is Neckly Legit or a scam.

Do neck pains become a daily occurrence in your life? What if there is a solution for it? Neckly is a website where you can get various neck massagers on a single platform. It is a battery operated massager. It works in different modes: massage, pulsation and acupuncture. 

It is very light and effective. You can use it anywhere at home or work. Neckly is especially used in the United States. It is more beneficial to office employees. But the question is, Is Neckly Legit or does it not offer any real benefits. Let us find out more about it. 

Is Neckly genuine or not?

  • Domain Age – The website was registered on 30th July 2021. It is less than one year old 
  • Domain Expiry date – The expiry date of the website is 30th July 2022, expiring in the next 2 months. 
  • Owner Details – No information regarding the owner can be retrieved.
  • Trust Score – Trust score of 2% is given, which is not very good. 
  • Trust Index – The website has been given a 100% rate in the trust index, which is quite bewildering. 
  • Neckly Reviews – Mixed reviews are found on the other websites but not on the official website. 
  • Website Popularity –Ranks #3132104 in popularity; it is considered very low.
  • Social Media connectivity – Social media pages are found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, snap chat, Twitter etc.
  • Data safety – HTTP protects the data of the site. 
  • Website’s Blacklist status – Any blacklist search engine does not discover it as in the blacklist. 
  • Threat & Phishing Score – The threat score is 3/100, and the phishing score is 2/100.
  • Malware & Spam score – Neckly got a malware score of 3/100 and a spam score of 0/100.
  • Proximity to suspicious Website – The website receives 4/100 for proximity to suspicious websites. 

Is Neckly Legit? The answer is somewhat very clear. Let us discuss further to know in detail about the website. 

Know more about

As per our research, the website has a very short life expectancy. It was registered last year, but upon registering, they have been able to gain the scores given above. The demand is only growing day by day. 

They do not deal with any other brands. They sold and manufactured on their own and gained everything. 

Specifics about the website 

  • Website Name –
  • Contact number – Not mentioned on the official website, which is suspicious of whether Is Neckly Legit or not. 
  • Domain name-
  • Email ID –
  • Physical address – Not available on the website. 
  • Cost Price – You can select according to your country. 
  • Free shipping – Free shipping on all orders is provided. 
  • Timing – Monday to Friday, From 9 morning to 5 pm. (EST) local time. 
  • Shipping & Delivery policies – Delivery timing is given in 2 to 8 days. 
  • Return & Refund – 30 days warranty is given for returning and refunding goods you are not satisfied with.
  • Payment methods – Debit/ credit card, PayPal, Google pay, Apple pay etc. are accepted. 

Positive highlights to conclude Is Neckly Legit?

  • Free shipping for all orders. 
  • The website has been in existence for about one year. 
  • Mixed reviews from customers are available on other websites and social media platforms. 
  • Easy return and refund policy within 30 days. 
  • Not detected by any blacklist search engine.
  • Present in various other social media handles. 

Though the positives are more than the negatives, the negatives can’t be ignored. Therefore, reviews are to be discussed in detail. 

Negative highlights for Neckly 

  • The contact number and address are not found anywhere. 
  • The owner’s identity is not disclosed. 
  • Customer reviews are very bad. 
  • No reviews are found on the official website. 

What are Neckly Reviews?

Good and bad reviews are found on the website. Many customers are very happy with the quality and comfort of the Neckly. But many are not happy with it. So, it’s a mixture of good and bad reviews. 

We can say that it is a useful product. But do your research before purchasing. Beware of credit card scams.

Bottom line 

As per our research, we can say that the website is looking quite legit, answering the question about legitimacyStill, we advise the buyers to be informed before purchasing anything randomly. 

Hence, we suggest the customers not to shop online without going through details about Is Neckly Legit first. To learn more about the website, click on the link given below.

What do you think about this website? Leave a comment, and to know more to safeguard against PayPal scamming, click here.

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