Is Oscar Fineries Legit {June 2022} Comprehensive Review

Oscar Fineries Online Website Reviews

This is an article about a newly launched website to clear all the queries associated with Is Oscar Fineries Legit.

Are you a writer? Do you love to write great stuff or poems? Are you fond of collecting new styles of pens? Are you up for expensive pens but don’t want to go out for them? Are you here to find some men’s collection of watches, cofflings and belts?  

Many websites sell expensive pens, so let’s gather some information regarding such websites. The writers of the United States are lucky to have websites like Oscar Fineries. But before getting into this website and spending your money, we must see that Is Oscar Fineries Legit?

Is the website of Legit? 

  • Domain-Age: The website is so fresh and young as it was developed on 01.06.2022. 
  • Expiring time: As a website, it will automatically expire after a year. That is 01.06.2023.
  • Trust-Score: The website is newly launched, so the trust score is only 31 on a scale of 100. 
  • Details of admin: The website admin has used WHOIS paid facility to hide details.
  • Contact us details: Contacting details are present with some authentic review websites. 
  • Oscar Fineries Reviews: Being a new website in the town, it has good reviews compared to big brands.
  • Trust-Index: This part is the best part of the website, as the website got 100 out of 100. 
  • Phishing and Threat Scoring: It is only 14 out of 100.
  • Alexa-Ranking: No Alexa ranking of the website is 4323865

It is quite early to progress towards any conclusion about the website because is just 13 days old. We should give some time for this website to grow. Now to find: Is Oscar Fineries Legit, we should explore more. 

All About the 

The website is all about men’s wear and pens. It is a recently launched website but has a good reputation in the market and holds a hope to get more famous in the future as it has a trendy collection with various language extensions. There are chances that you may feel so familiar with the website even when you visit it for the first time. 


  • Name:
  • URL- Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: +1.4165385487, but it is not enough to answer Is Oscar Fineries Legit.
  • Admin Name: It is not available anywhere or on the official website. 
  • Visiting Address: 96 Mowat Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 3K1
  • Return-Policy: 15 days to return the product if you are not satisfied with the delivery of the quality of the product
  • Payment Modes – different online modes are available.

Note: All the details are valid and original about the website, which you won’t find anywhere else. 

Get your money protected from the scamming website and think twice before using any website which may look attractive but can be a Scam. 

Positive Aspects to judge Is Oscar Fineries Legit.

  • Attractive online buying features have been discovered.
  • It has a legitimate SSL certificate.
  • This site has been classified as safe by DNSFilter.
  • The return policy is amazing on the website. 
  • As a new website, it has provided a lot of Positives to the customer. 

Negative aspects to judging 

  • Via WHOIS, the profile of the web site’s owner is masked.
  • The Alexa rank and the amount of traffic are quite low.
  • This website is relatively new. 
  • Provides 15 days of return. 

What are the Oscar Fineries Reviews

The online portal’s webpage is devoid of any social networking logos, indicating its lack of legitimacy. Oscar Fineries customers have submitted negative reviews on Reddit, claiming that the shop is a scam. 

They were charged a higher $30 for a bogus Advantage Of online Club fee after checking out of the business. We will not advocate shopping on this website because it appears to be suspect. If you ever faced scamming get your money back by clicking here


Wrapping up we have found that the website has maintained its sale so well.  The website has a low level of trust. The answer to Is Oscar Fineries Legit is that it’s very new, and purchasers should exercise caution while dealing with it. Buyers should follow these guidelines as well. But about this website we can say that users are getting satisfactory service from the website. Now, you can Get A PayPal Refund If I’ve Been Scammed

Can you tell your favourite type and brand of pen? If yes then comment below. Further to explore a good collection of fountain pen visit here.   

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