Is Panrila Legit {Oct 2022} Read Reviews In Detail!

Panrila Online Website Reviews

The article discusses Is Panrila Legit or a scam website. The report also discusses its essential points in brief.    

Do you want to buy designable dresses? But you don’t know where you can purchase the skirts. Don’t worry. We can suggest an online store. The name of the Store is Panrila. The store offers casual dresses, midi dresses, jackets and coats. The 

Many United States and Canada customers are already buying from this online store. But there is a small problem. These customers don’t know the legitimacy of the virtual store. For this reason, it is our prime duty to find out the Truth- Is Panrila Legit or a scam.

First, we need to check the validated elements of the store.

  • Domain Creation Date– The website was founded on 29 June 2021. The website is less than two years old.
  • Domain Renewal Date– The renewal date is 29 June 2023. Less than one year.
  • Founder(s) Information– The owner’s name is hidden per the “Whois” protocols.
  • Trust Numbers– The website has an average trust score of 45 per cent.
  • HTTPS Protocols– The website has valid HTTPS security protocols.
  • Social Media Pages– The website has both Facebook and Instagram pages. And both the pages are actively working.
  • Panrila Reviews– As per the official website, we find some product reviews (in star marks, not in content). But the review part is unclear on the website.  
  • Index of Trust– The website gets 28.1 out of 100. 
  • Rate of Malware and Threat– The malware and threat the score is 15 and 33 per cent. 
  • The score of Spam– Website has a 33 per cent spam score. 
  • Popularity Check– The website has a weak popularity rating. The rank is 3666020. 
  • Status of Blacklist– Till now, not been detected by any blacklist check engine. 
  • Suspicious Proximity– The website has a 31 per cent score. 
  • Phishing Rate– The phishing score is 21 out of 100. 

Is Panrila Legit – Need to Check More Information

The website offers various types of dresses to customers. The online store provides dress items like- Maxi Dresses, Midi Dresses, and Mini. But while we examine the website, we find out the design and layout is not in proper way. 

The website is correctly opened on the mobile, but the structure is inferior on the personal system. For this reason, we need to check more specific data about the virtual store. 

Specified Information

  • Postal Address– We don’t find any proper address on the website. It raises the question – Is Panrila Legit!
  • Website URL–
  • Official Email–
  • Delivery Protocols– The website maintains conditional delivery protocols. 
  • Charge of Shipping– Anything over 79 USD, the shipping is free. 
  • Methods of Returning– The Company offers free returns within 30 days. 
  • Payment Terms– We don’t find any payment terms on the official website. 
  • Warranty Protocols– We have checked all the sections of the website. But there is no information on the warranty protocols. 
  • Security of Payment– As we don’t get any payment terms, we don’t get any security payment terms on the website. 
  • We need to check other positive and negative matters to find out Is Panrila Legit or a scam.

The Positive Factors of the Website

  1. The website offers many various kinds of different dress materials. 
  2. The website has proper social media pages. 
  3. The virtual store offers conditional free shipping. 
  4. The website has no blacklist engine.

The Negative Factors of the Website

  1. We don’t get any owner’s details. 
  2. The website doesn’t provide any payment methods on the website. 
  3. The website doesn’t offer any warranty on the products. 
  4. The virtual store has many drawbacks like malware; scam score is much higher per the search.  

Panrila Reviews

As we know, reviews are essential in understanding a website’s legitimacy and potential. We have searched the website but don’t find any proper customer feedback on the official site. Secondly, we also explore the other sources, but the result is negative. 

Secondly, we search the social media pages of the company. While some customers are criticizing the company’s payment policies and also asking for the proper establishment of the company. Meanwhile, you can also read the essential features: How to avoid PayPal Fraud

At Last 

We have searched for all the legitimate information. And we find the website loses some critical factors. Is Panrila Legit or not? Still has confusion. For this reason, we can say the website has some dubious elements. It is better you check all the reports and then take the decision. You can also check the link to the online store.  

Did you visit the online store? What kind of vibe have you got? Kindly share your experiences with us. You can also check the article – How to Get Refund on Credit Card Scam

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