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Petsplanet Shop Online Website Reviews

This post on Is Petsplanet Shop LegitIncludes all the details regarding Petsplanet online store. Kindly read this post before shopping from Petsplanet.

Do you have ever shopped from Petsplanet? Is this website secure for shopping? Please, readers, don’t be confused, as many shopping websites are registered with slight changes. More specifically, we are talking about Petsplanet online stores selling bags, purses, and many more in the United States.

Here, you will get complete information about the Petsplanet shopping website. We will inform you whether it Is Petsplanet Shop Legit or a scam. We will discuss its features, upsides and downsides, trust index, and many more.

Is This Site Legit or Scam

Petsplanets online store sells bags, dog food, and various commodities. But is this website genuine or a scam? Do they provide complete information about their business on their official website? A similar question always comes to a buyer’s mind before buying anything, but please be stress-free because here you will get complete information about Petsplanet online store. Please continue reading the review of the Petsplanet online store to know more.

Petsplanet Shop Reviews will give you all the necessary details regarding Petsplanet online store, i.e., registration details, Owner’s details, and website information.

  • Registrar: Petsplanet is registered under Namecheap, Inc.
  • Website registration: 17th February 2022 is the registration date of Petsplanet which means a recently registered Domain.
  • Buyer’s Review: We cannot detect any buyer’s review or product rating on Petsplanet’s official website. 
  • Trust factor: The trust factor of Petsplanet online store is only one percent which is very lower. That’s a drawback for the Petsplanet store. 

If you want to know about the positive and negative highlights of Petsplanets, please persist in reading this post Is Petsplanet Shop Legit or scam.

  • Customer policies: Petsplanet online store provides all the mandatory policy details like shipping policy, return policy, and billing policy on their official website. So please check that.
  • Social account details: it is weird, but they have not provided any details of their social media account on their official website. Indicating that they are not widespread and known to many people.
  • Missing information: Owners’ details, customer reviews or product ratings, and social media accounts are missing.
  • Data security: Petsplanet protects customers’ data through the HTTPS portal. But shoppers, be alert.

Details Of Petsplanet and Is Petsplanet Shop Legit

Petsplanet has a wide variety of products in its online store. Some of the products are:

  • Purse and bags
  • Organic tea
  • Dog food 

And much more variousness of products. Here are all the features of the Petsplanet online store.

Features of Petsplanet Online Store

  • Buy organic tea from
  • The company’s address info:  1987 Cypress Cove Drive, Tulare, California 93274, United States.
  • Phone number: +1 (530) 780-9199
  • Shipping Policy: No shipping charges are collected from the customers.
  • Return policy: Petsplanet has 30 days return policy.
  • Customer review:  customer reviews or Product ratings are unavailable on the Petsplanet online store, which creates suspicion. Is Petsplanet Shop Legit?
  • Payment modes: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, Diners Club, PayPal, Google Pay, Shop pay. 
  • Email address:

Positive highlights

  • Petsplanet provides all the necessary information, specifically email id, company address, and phone details.
  • Petsplanet protects data through HTTPS portals.

Negative highlights

  • According to the WHOIS, the Owner’s details are hidden. Only the Owner’s email id and country name are mentioned.
  • No product ratings or product reviews are available on the official website of the petsplanet online store.
  • They are not present on social media, meaning they are not widespread or famous.

Petsplanet Shop Reviews

Yes, Petsplanet online store provides the necessary details like email id, company address, and phone details. But the Owner’s details are unavailable and hidden. Customer reviews are not available on their official website. At the same time, only one percent of trust factors. Petsplanet is not present on social media, creating suspicion and doubt.

After analyzing all the characteristics of the Petsplanet online store, we would not like to recommend Petsplanet websites to shoppers. Moreover, Petsplanet has a poor Alexa ranking. Buyers can also get more details about credit card fraud via this write-up.

Final Verdict

Summing up this post on Is Petsplanet Shop Legit, The Petsplanet online store is recently registered Domain. Also, Petsplanet online store has a poor trust index, Clearly showing buyers should not trust this website. The buyers can check information  Concerning PayPal Scam on this page. Check this link to get more information on tea.

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