Is Pinch Pal Legit {May 2022} Read In-depth Reviews!

Pinch Pal Online Website Reviews

Read this article before purchasing anything from this website and get all the answers about, Is Pinch Pal Legit.  

Thinking about purchasing makeover products? Want authentic products with good discounts? Though many websites are available over the web, you have found Pinch Pal. Although this website was developed in the United States of America, it is now operating in various countries like India, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 

Before you purchase anything from this website, we would suggest that we request you read our website reviews that will help you provide information and clear your doubts. Is Pinch Pal Legit?

Essential facts that determine the legitimacy of Pinch Pal:

Though every website has been designed in a similar style, pinch pal also works like other websites. To identify the legitimacy of this website, we need to find out all the details by opening the box. 

We have to check all the points because scammers have started to watch duplicate domains and scams with new buyers who lack knowledge about the websites they are using as their buying platform. 

  • This website has completed its one year of operation on 31st January 2022. That means it has been active since 31st January 2021.
  • Pinch Pal Reviews has been listed on their page given by the customers.
  • We do not find any reviews, we check for the Alexa ranking, but this website has not become eligible for the Alexa ranking.
  • Though this website does not have an Alexa ranking, we checked for the trust score, but this website has achieved a trust score of 60 percent, which can be considered the average one.
  • We have also checked for the plagiarism issue on their content, but we do not find anything copied.
  • Though they have an average trust score, this website’s trust index score is about 80 percent.
  • To find Is Pinch Pal Legit, we have also checked their social media handles, but we do not find any account provided on their website pages.
  • Owner Info: Unfortunately, they do not want to provide these details to their customers.
  • Contact Details: Not available on their portal. They only provide a customer connect box.

What is Pinch Pal?

It is a type of website which can be recognized for its makeover selling’s. Right now, they have filled their inventory with various branded products. To attract a huge base of customers, they are running lots of campaigns and providing discounts.

Though they are providing huge efforts, one question that might come Is Pinch Pal Legit? Answering this question will be easier for you. The watch features part of the pinch pal.


  • The domain name of this website is
  • This website hasn’t been eligible to get any ranking for Alexa.
  • This website has failed to satisfy customers by providing contact details like Email Id, Contact number, and the official address of this website.
  • This website has developed a fast-shipping service of 4 days.
  • Customers can easily return their products within 20 days as per this website.
  • The refund policy will be credited to your bank account within 48 to 72 hours of working.
  • Pinch pal has provided no social media handle.

Is Pinch Pal Legit can be understood properly after following PROS and CONS:

  • PROS this website provides:
  • This website has provided certification that makes this website a safe passage for customers.
  • This website has many payment options that will help customers not face problems related to payment.
  • The newsletter is available on this website, and it is a good way of informing details to customers.
  • CONS This website provides:
  • Contact Information has been missing from their home portal.
  • No social media icon has been provided by its customers.
  • Pricing of their product is higher after giving discounts.

Pinch Pal Reviews:

To get authentic reviews for their product, we have visited their reviews portal. Lots of positive reviews have been given by the customer for the services and the quality of the products being provided by this platform. 

We have decided to check for popular review portals. They claimed this website as a trusted one. So, while discussing scams, click here and read about PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

Based on our research through the internet, we find this website legit because it has gained a good trust score, and they have provided their policies very well, which also answers Is Pinch Pal Legit. But we do not find any social media accounts or contact details for this website.

So, it will be better for viewers to look at this website’s privacy policy   first before you purchase anything from them. Do you find this article valuable? Please share your views via commenting below. If you want to learn about Credit Card scams, click here.

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