Is Printalta Legit {Feb} Quick & Easy Website Review

Printalta Online Website Reviews

Is Printalta Legit has investigated an online portal providing printing solutions to its clients and put its finding in the public domain.

Are you an individual looking for customized printing solutions for your personalized need? There are various kinds of printing work needed by people for different purposes, and Printalta is providing it under one banner.

Individual, institution, and corporate entities in the United States search for different printing solutions related to their work. It could be for fancy t-shirts, stationery, or some group activity of the company; corporate gifting also requires a lot of printing work for branding purposes.

To know more about Printalta, keep reading Is Printalta Legit till the end.

Legitimacy Analysis of Printalta com:

There are various business modules, and each requires an authentic partner to deliver the given work. Printalta belongs to the vendor-client business category, and it’s important to have a genuine partner to finish the work on time.

For individuals also, the entity’s legitimacy is required to get the given work done; our research team has collected all the legit data related to Printalta and has enumerated it below.

  • Domain age – More than four-year-old website (7th September 2017)
  • Alexa point – After four years of operation, this portal Alexa rank is zero, indicating almost no traffic.
  • Trust score – Printalta Reviews team found the trust point for this domain to be 60 percent, an average trust score for an authentic site.
  • Plagiarism – The text and image content of Printalta appears to be original.
  • Physical Address – The entity’s address is mentioned on the landing page of the portal.
  • Domain expiry – This domain will expire on 7th September 2029.
  • Presence on Social media – The homepage of this site has a presence of social media icons on it, and this entity has its account on Facebook and Instagram sites.
  • Customer review – No customer feedback for this entity could be found on any digital platform.
  • Trust index point – Is Printalta Legit team found the trust index for this entity to be 58.9 percent, an indication of an authentic site.
  • Missing policy – Some of the policy pages for this entity are missing from its website.

People dealing with this domain should note all the above-mentioned legit points.

What is Printalta com Website?

Printalta is an electronic platform providing different printing solutions to individual and corporate clients. 

People need printing solutions for different purposes like having the brand name and logo of the company on stationery products and dresses of staff members.

According to Is Printalta Legit findings, individuals can get printed t-shirts, mugs, pillows, or other items from this printing solution providing website. 

Corporate gifting is a new trend to generate awareness about the brand, and they too get their brand and logo printed on gift products.

Some of the printing solutions provided by Printalta.

  • Personalized gifting cards
  • Personalized print t-shirts
  • Personalized pillow cover
  • Customized mugs
  • Handmade business cards


  • Domain name –
  • Website address –
  • Service Available – Printing solutions
  • Email address –
  • Physical address – 2/41, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi, 110002, India
  • Contact details – +91 – 1143546908
  • Shipping details – Not given.
  • Return policy – Not mentioned
  • Newsletter – Available
  • Payment method – Not given.

Is Printalta Legit, found following Pros for this Website?

  • It has a high trust score and index, which increases the credibility of this site.
  • Contact details and physical addresses are mentioned on its landing page.
  • Printing rates are mentioned for the convenience of the customers.
  • Emails addresses and newsletters will help customers from the United States solve their queries about different services available on Printalta.

Cons of Printalta Com Portal:

  • The Alexa ranking of this site is zero after four years of its operations.
  • Customer review is missing for this site.
  • Some products are on sale, but the website’s shipping and return policies are missing
  • .The social platform is not regularly updated.

What are Printalta Reviews?

This portal is more than four years old, but no customer review related to this site could be found on the digital platform. 

This website has not provided any space for customer feedback which is detrimental for both new clients and the company.

The local and international review platform has no feedback from any customer from Printalta. If it provides services to clients, their online review will help Printalta add more customers to its list.

Moreover, customers can read about PayPal Scam by clicking here.


Printalta is providing printing solutions to its clients and Is Printalta Legit team on the basis of above data has mixed opinion about this site, therefore people should remain alert while dealing with Printalta com.

People seeking printing solutions from the web portal  can share an opinions about Printalta in the comment section.

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