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Radtruckstraps Online Website Reviews

Is Radtruckstraps Legit has reviewed an online store selling spare parts and presented its finding to internet shoppers.

Do you like purchasing spare parts for your vehicles on an e-commerce platform? The advantage of buying a product online is that customers get to choose from many options and can do a price analysis of the product.

Most shoppers also use the online platform to research a product they plan to purchase. Radtruckstraps is an online portal selling spare product parts for Ford trucks to customers in the United States. Is Radtruckstraps Legit has reviewed this platform to check its legitimacy for the convenience of online shoppers.

Analysis of Radtruckstraps Com Portal: 

The spare part product sold on this platform is only applicable for trucks purchased after 2015, and there is a limited product on this website. Since this site appears suspicious, it’s important to check its legitimacy for the shopper’s safety. Some of the legit data listed below will help customers make their purchasing decision from the Radtruckstraps portal.

  • Age of Domain – This domain is eleven months old (11th June 2021)
  • Rank on Alexa – It has been ranked 6158633 by the web portal Alexa.
  • Trust score – Radtruckstraps Reviews trust score for this is 11 percent point, a bad trust rating for any legit platform.
  • Owner’s detail – No details related to the owner are mentioned on this site.
  • Physical address – The contact address for this business is not mentioned on any of the web pages of this portal.
  • Plagiarism – The image and text on this website appears to be copied from similar niche sites and lacks originality.
  • Social media platform- No social media site is attached to this website, and it has no social media account of its own.
  • Domain expiry – This domain will expire on 11th June 2023.
  • Trust index – Is Radtruckstraps Legit trust index for this platform is 63.5 percent, a moderate rating for any legit sites.
  • Customer reviews – we couldn’t find any customer feedback for products sold on this platform.
  • Missing Policy – Most of the policy web pages like about us, payment methods, and others are missing from this website.

What is Radtruckstraps Com Website?

Radtruckstraps is an e-commerce platform selling spare parts products for Ford trucks bought after 2015. According to the website, RAD straps are specifically designed for Ford trucks to make the life of truckers smoother in the United States. The strap plate is cut on a CNC machine and got precision to create accuracy each time.

Is Radtruckstraps Legit found Rad truck strap, hook plate, retro sticker, and hat as some of the products sold on this site. Products are priced from $20 to $120, and no discount offer is available to customers. To further check the legitimacy of this portal, let’s look at its specifications, pros, and cons.


  • Name of Domain –
  • Website  address –
  • Mail address –
  • Newsletter – Available
  • Physical address – Not given
  • Contact number – Not given
  • Shipping policy – Not given
  • Refund Policy – Return is allowed till 30 days after receiving the product.
  • Payment method – Shop Pay, G Pay, and PayPal.
  • Discount – Not available.
  • Installment – Available for Shop Pay customers. 

Is Radtruckstraps Legit Advantage of this Portal:

  • Newsletters and email addresses are available as means of communication.
  • It is around a year old website.
  • Different payment options are available to shoppers.
  • Return policy of 30 days is given to customers.
  • It has a moderate trust index rating.

Disadvantage of Radtruckstraps Com Website:

  • Most of the policy pages for this website are missing.
  • It has a low trust score raising suspicion about this website.
  • No shipping policy for this platform is mentioned on its site.
  • It has a poor Alexa ranking, indicating no traffic on its platform.
  • Contact details and address for this store are missing on its portal. 

What are Radtruckstraps Reviews?

This website is around eleven months old, but it has not succeeded in generating much traffic on its site. We cannot find any customer feedback for products sold on Radtruckstraps, and the product page of the site lacks any reviews from shoppers visiting it.

The independent review sites have no reviews for any product sold on this website. The absence of customer ratings and feedback raises suspicion about its legitimacy; people looking to get their PayPal-related refund should read here. 

Final verdict:

Most of the data and facts found by our teams, like missing customer reviews and essential details, raises a red flag against this site. Is Radtruckstraps Legit cautions shoppers to remain away from this e-commerce platform and make their purchases from an authentic store

People can share their shopping experience on an online store, and for getting more information on scam websites, click here.

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