Is Shadyrays Legit {May 2022} A Comprehensive Review!

Shadyrays Online Website Reviews

This article verifies the legitimacy of the website Customer reviews completely verify that Is Shadyrays Legit and not a scam.

Are you looking for shades? Do you love wearing different kinds of Shades on different occasions? An American website,, located in the United States, provides a vast diversity of sunglasses and fashionable shades.

This website contains all kinds of men’s shades, women’s Shades, blue lights, snow goggles, readers’ classes, and some UV protection shirts. You can also find non-polarised and polarised sunglasses on this website. Before coming to any conclusion, it is important to verify Is Shadyrays Legit or a scam.

The key factor in proving the legitimacy of

  • Age of portal: this portal was created on 3 November 2012. It’s been 9 years this company is making a remarkable position in America.
  • Alexa ranking: 150355 is the Global Alexa ranking of Its growth in Alexa ranking is +24862.
  • Website trust score: this website has a very good trust score of 96%, which makes this website very trustworthy and legit.
  • Social media contact: you can find this website on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Copied content: this website is 100% genuine content and original products.

Shadyrays Reviews are also available on social media and official websites, which can prove the authenticity of the website so let’s read the reviews on the website.

  • Customers review: customer reviews are available on social media and its official website with good and positive feedback. People are sharing their opinion about the product and its quality.
  • Contact address proof: contact address of the company is not available.
  • Owner information: information about the owner is not clear.
  • Return policy: you can directly apply for the return from the US
  • Warranty: they provide broken replacements if the product is under warranty.


Is Shadyrays Legit: It is an American website and a store that sells smart and cool glasses in various shades. They have all kinds of shades for women, men, and kids, polarised and non-polarised. They have some unique products because the frame of the sheets is customised and specially developed for customers. They also sell UV-protected t-shirts.


  • Type of website: sunglasses website that contains all kinds of Shades for all category generations.
  • Date of domain: 3 November 2012
  • Web address:
  • Email address:

Is Shadyrays Legit or a scam is completely clear because the product is genuine with good customer reviews. The Trust Score of the website is also very high and legit.

  • Contact number: (213) 817-5193
  • Contact address: not provided on the website.
  • Sort and filter option: sort and filter options are available in different categories of sunglasses and eye wears.
  • Price of product: you can make payment in the US dollar for every product.
  • Shipping and delivery method: there is no proper information regarding shipping available on the website because this website only works in America.
  • Mode of payment: Paypal, MasterCard, Visa debit card, etc.

Pros that verify: Is Shadyrays Legit.

  • This website contains a 96% of Trust score, which is the legit part of a website to attain such a high score
  • Customer reviews are available on every product on the website.
  • There is a vast range of products available on the website.
  • The quality of the product is very good, and this company has its brand name on its products.


  • The clarity about the owner of the company is missing.
  • Shipping and delivery policies are not available on the website.
  • The contact address of the company is not given on the website.

Shadyrays Reviews.

Reviews are available on the website and social media handles which can justify the legitimacy of the product and the company. Some top celebrity connections are also available for products on this website that verify the proper legitimacy of this company and are not fraudulent. This website also has ratings on products. Also, check How to Get a Refund on PayPal if scammed while shopping online.

Conclusion is a legit website with an overall 96% of Trust score and valid and real customer reviews. Some celebrity links also increase the trust in the website and its products.

What do you think: Is Shadyrays Legit website or not? Write down your comments on the website’s products in the section below. If you are looking for top sunglasses, visit. Also, Everything You Should Know About Credit Card scams is in this link.

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