Is Silky Shop Us Legit {June 2022} Read Honest Reviews!

Silky Shop Us Online Website Reviews

This article holds all the information that may clear all readers’ doubts regarding Is Silky Shop Us Legit.

Are you ready to get comfy clothing from a single website? Have you ever heard about silky shop, famous among United States youth? Are you here to get a genuine review of the legality of silky Shop Then you are at the right place to discover your internet and its legitimacy. 

Let’s get into this review and make it helpful for the readers who came here to find out the genuineness of the website. This article will surely provide your question Is Silky Shop Us Legit? Answer. To know the appropriate content, follow up on this write-up. 

Is Silky shop Legit Website? 

  • Age of Domain – it is not an old website. It’s just a 6 months old website as it was developed on 01.12.2021. 
  • Expiry time: It will expire soon after a year, which is 12.01.2022. 
  • Trust Scoring: Very low scoring, which is only 1% out of 100%. 
  • Owner’s information: No information about the website owner is present.
  • Contact details: No contact details about the website are available but there is a number but the users claimed it to be fake. 
  • Silky Shop Us Reviews No reviews are present anywhere related to this website. 
  • Trust Index – The score is so low such as 1% out of 100% 
  • Threat & Phishing score – The scores are not available on any reputed website. 
  • Alexa Ranking: The given scoring via Alexa to this website is 1167829 ranks. We can consider this rank as a factor to treat it suspicious. 

This article can’t State that what the nature of a website is by these factors. As we can see, these factors are not enough to judge legitimacy. Still, the question remains: Is Silky Shop Us Legit? 

Know All about this Website

Silky shop is a virtual shopping store that claims to sell all kinds of women’s wear and deals with A1 quality products, as per mentioned. The website says that they deal with limited stock. According to the official website of silk shops, they sell products necessary for every female at a very low price.  

Website’s Specific Details

  • Name of Website- Silky
  • URL of Website- https://silky
  • Email – The present email is
  • Timings – Not Mentioned.
  • Contact Number- The contact number is fake +1.3025509538
  • That mark question like Is Silky Shop Us Legit?
  • Admin Name- No available at the website or anywhere else.
  • Address details – 16192 Coastal Highway 19958 Lewes DE, Country, US
  • Return and Refund policy – The website relaxes 7 days when they accept any defective product received from the website, and customers can claim any refund or any replacement from the website. 

Note- Every present information is originally collected from the official website and reviews present on the official website. 

Are you still ready to spend your time and money on this website? Let’s check some pros and cons before you say yes.

Positive to find out Is Silky Shop Us Legit

  • This website has been assigned a trust. 
  • This website provides payment options that include the return of money. 
  • Features of online commerce were discovered.
  • A valid SSL certificate was discovered.
  • This site has been classified as safe by DNS Filter.

Negatives of

  • The Alexa rank according to the amount of traffic is so low.
  • This website is so new in comparison.
  • Trend Micro does not recommend this website.
  • The Trust Index is super low 
  • Fake details are mentioned about the website contacting details. 

Silky Shop Us Reviews

After our research, we found that, at first, there were no reviews available anywhere related to the website, present anywhere. Due to this, the website seems suspicious. After quite detailed research, it was found that they do delay in delivering products, and a lot of their content is stolen from different websites. 

Customers claim that they get cheap and destroyed products and never find a way to return them. Further, visit this Portal to revive your money from scams of PayPal


As per our research, the answer to the doubt Is Silky Shop Us Legit is that many customers are claiming that this website is fake and just a money sucker. After all the mentioned details we won’t recommend you spend your money here with this website.

Comment below your favourite shopping area as a woman. Further, to know more about the fake information about the website, visit here. Also, read here to know more details about Credit Card scams.   

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