Is Simpletech Legit (March 2022) Check Detailed Reviews!

Simpletech Online Website Reviews

This write-up about Is Simpletech Legit provides complete details and some evidence related to the trust score and the product’s advantages and disadvantages.

Are you interested in decorating your house in several different styles? If yes, we have collected the correct details for you. Moreover, if you are a decoration freak and like to incarnate the interior of your home, then visit this website once.

People residing in the United States are curious about this website’s creation and launch. Furthermore, if you have brought a recent house or apartment then, Is Simpletech Legit could be an appropriate choice for you all.

Is Simpletech an authorized electronic commercial website?

Home essential and tech essential commodities have become a recent priority trend. Individuals randomly prefer a certain amount of change in their household and rooms as per the changing needs and requirements.

Online shoppers need to be aware before they start buying any product from any online store. You need to check certain parameters before starting a deal.

Further, you must check the below points:

  • This Simpletech website was created on 10-12-2021
  • Simpletech Reviews website shows no comments or reviews.
  • The Global Alexa Rank of this website is also not mentioned anywhere.
  • The trust score possessed by this website is merely 1 percent.
  • Due to the recent establishment of this website, it does not have any Alexa Rank.
  • Plagiarised content copied from other websites can be relevantly seen on this website page.
  • Return, Refund, and shipping policies have been mentioned on this site.
  • The domain owner name is not mentioned.
  • The official address of this domain is also not available.
  • Social media icons such as Facebook and Instagram have been linked with the domain.

However, people are advised not to rely blindly on this website’s low trust score. To know further, read detailed reviews on Is Simpletech Legit or not.

Information About Simpletech

Simpletech is a newly established website that sells household and kitchen items. This website shows casts such items that an individual needs in daily life. SimpleTech is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Furthermore, this is an affiliate advertising program intended to offer a mechanism for websites to receive advertising revenue by showing advertisements on various other websites.

Everything that is being offered seems to be intriguing, and the website displays a variety of various sorts of merchandise.

Specifications of the Website

  • This website URL is
  • No social media icons provide a hint that Is Simpletech Legit or not.
  • Website creation date is 10-12-2021
  • Website expiration date is 10-12-2022
  • The domain age is less than a year as it was recently created.
  • Amex, Discover VISA, PayPal, MasterCard etc. are the respective payment modes.
  • Returns are allowed within 30 days of the date of purchase of the goods.
  • Policy on refunds: If a refund is warranted, it will be granted within 30 days after the purchase date.
  • You should continue if the exchange policy is acceptable in your situation.
  • The shipping policy is maintained within 3-5 business days after receiving payment.


  • The cost is minimal, and it is simple to purchase.
  • Shoppers may choose from a wide range of alternatives on the website.

The disadvantage of Is Simpletech Legit

  • There is a trust rating of only 1%, yet the offered things cannot be entirely recognized.
  • Nobody can verify the website’s validity since it was just recently launched, and there are no evaluations to speak about.
  • The official portal address is not mentioned.
  • The email id is also not available.

Customer Reviews

After doing immense research about this website, we can utterly say that this website is not well authentic. Furthermore, the domain has an inferior trust rate score; it has not even completed one year of its establishment.

This website has no comments about Simpletech Reviews from the United States. Additionally, this site has kept several household items that utterly seem fake. One newly established website cannot provide helpful material that has no reviews. Overall, to keep yourself protected from scams, you must know Everything You Should Know About PayPal Scam.


The description as mentioned above of Household items, the website seems illegitimate, and purchasers ought to exercise extreme caution before entering into any dealings on it.

Moreover, the email address and the office details of headquarters are also not shown, which could tell Is Simpletech Legit. Therefore it is advised you to read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam

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