Is Startrendy Legit {Mar 2022} A Comprehensive Review!

Statrendy Online Website Reviews

With the advent of e-commerce platforms, online shopping-related crimes are quite prevalent. Here on Is Startrendy Legit, you will know how you can avoid them.

Do you like trendy products? We all experience a gradual, and sometimes paradigm change around us. So in a normal mind, there would be a genuine curiosity for these changes. Now COVID19 has confined people within four walls, and their outdoor exploration is restricted. There comes the role of Startrendy, an online shopping store based in the United Kingdom

And the info given here is based solely on online research. So reader’s discretion is suggested.

And now, stay with this article on Is Startrendy Legit till the end, if the above intro appeals to you.

Is Startrendy a reliable store?

There are many things to check to judge a site and its authenticity. So let’s weigh the above site on the below parameters.

  • Website Trust Score: as per our research, the site has around zero trust score and no domain authority. It means almost no sites find it reputable. 
  • Alexa Ranking: The site is ranked zero on the Alexa ranking.
  • Customers’ Reviews: as per our online research for Startrendy Reviews, the brand, and its products have not been reviewed on its site and on any other platforms. Therefore, it implies the company has no customer base.
  • Social Media Links: there is no social media linking provided on the site from the company side. This questions the vision of its venture as these days, social media is very instrumental in online branding.
  • Missing Description: though almost all necessary details are mentioned, we have not found the details like country of origin, product material, etc.
  • Website Age: to ascertain Is Startrendy Legit or not; we found the site is around two months and sixteen days old and was created on 8th December 2021.
  • Genuineness of Contact Address: The company name and address differ from its identity. And it seems copied from somewhere else. 
  • Content Originality: in the site, we found the mention of some other site. And content in the about us section also seems copied. 

 The above parameters suggest the site could be a scam as none of the points support it.

Startrendy info to check Is Startrendy Legit or not:

It is an online store dealing in different trendy products. Although it is based in the United Kingdom, the store claims that it is shipping worldwide. Startrendy stores proclaim customers’ uniqueness and their right to expression are its guiding principles. 

The categories of the products are:

  • Baby & Kids,
  • Cozy Wear, 
  • Warm Shoes.

And there are different products inside each category. The visible quality of the products somewhere is trying to reflect the company’s words, which may persuade the visitors. 

Specifications for Startrendy Reviews:

  • The Domain age:  The site is two and a half months old and was created on 8th December 2021.
  • URL:
  • Category: E-commerce store.
  • Email:
  • Company Address: Beaconsfield, England, UK. 
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Debit Card, Credit Cards (AmEx, MasterCard, etc.).
  • Return Policy: The customer can apply for the return of the product within seven days of the arrival.
  • Refund Policy: If the return request is approved, the customer will get a refund in a few days from the approval. 
  • Total Delivery time: Vary with regions.
  • Shipping policy: Not mentioned.

Pros to check Is Startrendy Legit or not:

  • The site has a site lock to provide users with data protection.
  • The payment method available is user-friendly.
  • Finally, the products listed on the site seem of high quality.


  • The site has zero Alexa ranking.
  • A qualified public domain is not available for the site.
  • No social media linking is available on the site.
  • The customers’ reviews are not available.  

Customers’ Reactions:

Our even research found no response from the customers’ side regarding the site’s products. So it shows that there are no actual customers of the site. 

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To conclude our answer for Is Startrendy Legit or not, the above research point shows there is such company in existence. So the site is a scam and has fraudulent intentions.

If this site review helped you anyway, please let us know about your learning in the comment box. And yes, do you follow trendy products?

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