Is Sweettidy Legit (Mar 2022) Check Detailed Reviews!

Sweettidy Online Website Reviews
The write-up gives us complete information about the website and answers Is Sweettidy Legit for the customers to determine whether to buy the products.

Do you guys love the fireplace in your homes but lack the wood required to burn it? Then, we have a solution for you. We are here to review a website that sells electric fireplace TV stands that can be installed in your homes without any difficulty. 

The electric fireplace is a modern way to install a fireplace with the same feel, just like the traditional ones. People of the United States have already installed it in their homes and are looking forward to better development. Those who would like to purchase this fireplace can visit Is Sweettidy Legit section.

Is Sweettidy a justifiable e-commerce portal?

The online website sells the modern demand of the people of keeping fireplace in their homes without the hassle of collecting wood or logs. The electric fireplace is a modern advancement of the traditional one and can be hassle-free. The website is justifiable or not can be proved by looking at certain of the facts stated below. 

  • Website age– The website’s age is not more than six months and was made on 25/09/2021.
  • Trust Index score- The website’s trust index score is only 2% which is not trustworthy.
  • Reviews- We have not seen any Sweettidy Reviews present online.
  • Alexa status– The Alexa status of the web-portal is 0.
  • Plagiarised content- We cannot rule out Plagiarism just by observation.
  • Address originality- We don’t find any company address on the portal.
  • Social media connectivity- We found Facebook and Instagram links on the portal but not operative.
  • Impractical discounts- Impractical discounts are available.
  • Owner’s information- We cannot see any details of the owner’s information on the About Us page.

The website seems to be fake as there are no genuine reviews present on the website, and also, no social media links are active. However, the customers can reach out for Is Sweettidy Legit segment details. 

Details of Sweettidy

Sweettidy is an online site that trades electric fireplace TV stands and pavilions easily installed in homes. The things are sold at affordable prices, and millions of varieties can be seen. People can easily choose from those options and buy the one suitable for them. The website promises to sell the best quality products at low prices.

Provisions of the website

  • Website  age- The website’s domain is created on 25/09/2021, less than six months.
  • URL of the website is
  • Social channel icons– Facebook and Instagram handles are present but are not active, so it cannot answer Is Sweettidy Legit or scam.
  • Grouping– Electric fireplace TV stands and gazebo.
  • Email-
  • Address- Unavailable on the portal.
  • Return StrategyIt is within 5 days, the products can be returned.
  • Refund Policy- If unsatisfied with the product, the products can be returned or replaced.
  • Payment modes- Payment options available are VISA, American Express, and many more.
  • Transport and Delivery Strategy– Within 7-12 days, the products can be shipped.

Merits of the web-portal

  • The e-commerce gateway sells the fireplace and gazebo at huge discounts and has brought advancement to the traditional options.
  • The products are available in millions of varieties, and people can choose amongst them.

Demerits on the basis of Is Sweettidy Legit or fraud

  • The website has received a meager trust index score which shows that the website is not up to the mark of the buyers.
  • The email address provided does not seem true as the same address is provided for many other websites.
  • The website trades in the products at substantial unrealistic discounts.

Customer Reviws

After the search, we can see no reviews on the web-portal or the social media handle. Also, the buyers of the United States do not seem to be satisfied with the products, so the website’s trust score is so low. Lack of Sweettidy Reviews draws our attention to the products that are less sold and helps us determine the genuine products.

The buyers interested in knowing what Fireplaces are can read about Electric Fireplace  and know about their uses of it. We advise the readers to read How to Get a Refund if Paid Via Bank Transfer.

Final Verdict

We can accomplish that the web-portal is illegitimate and unauthentic, and buyers should not purchase anything from this website. The products sold are not up to the mark, and they cannot fulfill the customers’ requirements. 

We advise the viewers to go through Is Sweettidy Legit mentioned and know about the products sold. We also request them to visit How to Get a Full Reimbursement on Credit Card. Comment below.

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