Is Legit {May 2022} Read In-depth Reviews! Online Website Reviews

If you are looking forward to placing your orders from Targetea, this article about Is Legit will help you.

Are you looking for the details of Targetea? What does the Website deal with? Is this a safe platform? This article is an ideal landing page for all the readers who wish to place their orders from Targetea.

Targetea is an online platform based in the United States. This portal deals with electronics and other related categories, claiming to provide the best prices. Please read this article till the end to fetch all the details for Is Legit answers to reveal its authenticity.

Authenticity Factors of the Website:

Before we claim the legitimacy of online platforms, various factors need to be addressed. After finding out all these factors for Targetea, we have mentioned them in the pointers below for your clarity. Go through the details to know more.

  • Domain Age for the Website: The domain for this platform was registered on 14th May 2022. This shows that it has been operating for only a few days. Moreover, the expiration date for the platform was also a year ago only.
  • Reviews: After fetching out the available links over the internet, we can say that the reviews for this portal are found missing. Also, we cannot fetch any reviews over the Website as well.
  • Social Media Presence for the Platform: We cannot fetch the social media accounts for the platform.
  • Contact Details of the Platform: The platform’s address and Email ID are fetched. Contact numbers for the Website are therefore found missing.
  • Missing Policies for the Website: We cannot find any policy details, including shipping, delivery, returns and exchange for the platform, reflecting the answers for Is Legit. 
  • Genuineness for the Website’s Policies: Some of the product descriptions for the platform and the images used are copied from other websites.
  • Details about Website Appearance: The Website’s landing page appearance is not good and is rated on an average scale.

What is Targetea?

After fetching out the authenticity details of the platform, let’s now move forward with the details of its basic categories and other facts to know more. The website deals with coffee appliances, electronics, grilled outdoor cooking appliances, kitchen appliances, fitness items, blue mic, go pro and other related categories.

Let’s fetch the platform’s specifications to get a clearer viewpoint for Is Legit answers.

Specifications for the Platform:

  • Website: Deals with electronic and other related appliances.
  • Email ID:
  • Address for the Platform: 1026 West Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.
  • Shipping Policy: No Details fetched.
  • Delivery Policy: No Information mentioned.
  • Returns and Refund Policy: No information found.
  • Payment Methods Accepted: stripe, VISA, PayPal, COD and MasterCard.

All these details for the portal give us a clear idea about the platform’s working and other mentioned policies. From this, we can say that the platform’s shipping, delivery, returns, and refund policy are not mentioned. These further also direct to the answers of Is Legit.

Positive Aspects for the Platform:

  • The Website provides discounted products under multiple categories.
  • The platform deals with multiple categories.
  • The platform accepts multiple modes of payment from its customers.

Negative Aspects of the Platform:

  • The platform’s shipping, returns, delivery, and exchange policy is not fetched.
  • Social Media appearance for the platform is also not fetched.
  • The details for the Website’s listed products are also copied.
  • The contact Number for the platform is not mentioned.
  • The domain age for the Website is young and has only one year of expectancy.
  • Social Media links mentioned for the platform are directed to its homepage only. Reviews:

After fetching out all the details for the platform, we can say that this was launched recently. This newly launched factor for the portal is also the reason behind its missing reviews. We cannot find any link over the internet that directs to this Website’s reviews.

Customer opinions about the portal are even missing on the Website as well. These possible factors possess risks for PayPal Scams and other related threats. Check the details before placing your orders.

Final Verdict:

To all our readers and Targetea customer who wish to place their orders from the Website, this article about Is Legit has answers for your clarifications. The is a newly launched platform about which not many people are aware.

Still, if you wish to place order, then check out the Website details to know more. Has this article helped you with all your queries? Please comment. Also, click here to know how to overcome from credit card scams.

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