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This article helps you know all the factors and analyze them for clarification of, Is Legit.

Are you not able to use your toolkit due to its dirt? Are you wondering about the ways to clean it? Have you heard of Yes, this site provides kits to make your toolkit cleaner from “The Box Cleaners.”

Many people from the United States are tired of their tool kits’ dirt. So they are looking forward to analyzing the different factors to check: Is Legit!

Let us discuss those factors in detail to analyze the portal legitimacy. 

Is Trusted Site? 

  • Domain Creation Date – The domain was created approximately 2 years back, i.e., 11/09/2018. 
  • Domain Expiry Date – Domain will expire in less than 1 year, i.e., 11/09/2022. 
  • Owner’s Detail – No owner details can be retrieved from online sources.
  • Trust Score – the trust score of this site is excellent, i.e., 86%. This indicates a low risk in investing on this platform.
  • Trust Index – The trust index of this portal was found excellent, i.e., 100 percent. 
  • Reviews We cannot fetch the reviews from trusted website reviewing portals. But, we can get many positive feedback from the official platform and social media pages. 
  • Social Media Links – Active links for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are present on the official platform. Indicating another low-risk factor. 
  • Alexa Ranking – Alexa has not ranked this website yet, further questioning its legitimacy.
  • Physical Address – No contact or official address are present on the webpage. 

From the above points, 80% of the factors favor this portal, but let us discuss it for more clarification.

About to clarify: Is Legit!

Many people like to keep their toolbox clean. But, they cannot keep it more morally at the end of the day. This site provides toolbox cleaning kits for those who love to keep their tools kits dirt-free. 

This site also claims to help protect one’s hard-earned money by giving low-cost products and services. From these services, one can find ease to keep their toolbox more cleanly. 


  • Website’s Name –
  • URL –
  • Portal Type – selling too-kit cleaner boxes.
  • Contact Number – Not mentioned. 
  • Physical Address – Not given, raising a doubt: Is Legit!
  • Email ID –
  • Social Media Connectivity – Active links present for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with positive reviews.
  • Shipping & Delivery Policy – Takes 1-2 days to ship the product, delivery time is not mentioned. Expected delivery will be notified after placing the order.
  • Shipping Cost – charges $ 5 on all orders and gives free delivery on orders over USD 75.

From the above information, this site seems dubious, for more clarification, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this portal in detail to clear the doubt: Is Legit!


  • Active links of social media pages are present with positive reviews.
  • Good trust score and trust index. 
  • Taking hassle-free orders.
  • The Domain is old, so it can be trusted. 
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 75.
  • Valid HTTPS security detected.


  • The physical address was found missing, which raises a doubt.
  • Websites reviewing portals fail to give any feedback for this portal. 
  • Only positive feedback is located on the social media page and official portal.
  • The owner’s details cannot be retrieved. 

Let us now discuss the reviews in detail to give our final words for the legitimacy of this portal. Reviews

Customer reviews are considered an essential factor in defining the legitimacy of the portal. So, this is a good side of this portal that it contains many positive feedbacks from different customers on both the official portal and the social media links. 

On the other hand, there is also a negative side that the trusted website reviewing portals fails to give any feedback for this platform. 

Also, after our thorough research, we find that all the social media links give the same images and feedback from the same customers as looks like an internal-reviewing system. Moreover, click here to know How to get your money back from PayPal Scams.

Wrapping Up

After our research, we cannot give a precise answer: Is Legit! This is because this site’s rankings are excellent, but Alexa, fails to provide any rank. Also, only positive reviews are present with hidden owner’s details. Therefore, we suggest that our readers research from their end before investing in it. 

In addition, click here to learn the tricks to protect yourself from Credit Card Scams. Moreover, if you have placed an order from this platform, kindly share with us your experience in the comments below.

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