Is Tutornice Legit {Aug 2022} Know Entire Review Here!

Tutornice Online website Reviews

For more information on Is Tutornice Legit or any hoax portal, read the post and make sure you have considered every aspect to protect yourself from fraud.

Are you seeking a reputable online store where you can buy trendy women’s dresses with standard quality? So, here we will discuss an online shopping domain with you that trades in various kinds of women’s dresses at one portal.

This online buying store may find almost all decent clothing in various styles. We’re here to find out Is Tutornice Legit or any hoax portal. The United States is where this site is registered, and people inspire this domain by making frequent purchases.

Is website legitimate?

  • Age of domain- The domain was established on 25/03/2021. It has an age of 1years,4- months, and 21 days.
  • Trust score-It displays a fantastic 60% trust score.
  • Amount of Pirated Content-We discovered that the subject matter is 80% picked up from another website.
  • Verified Official Location-The website provides a valid official address with the company name and registration number.
  • Direct communication- A working phone number is missing from the portal.
  • Social Media Following- According to Tutornice Reviews, the official page of the portal does not possess any social media id on its log-in page.
  • Incredible discounts– On each product, it is giving suspicious price off.
  • The owner’s name-The developer forgets to specify who owns the domain.
  • Alexa Ranking- According to Alexa Ranking, the site has been ranked 10014802 for the past 90 days.

Describe – is an online shopping site where you can look through the full selection of clothing for women. It offers maxi dresses, tops, jeans and many more trendy clothes for women. Customers still want to know Is Tutornice Legit or any hoax portal. They offer all the newest styles, so you can keep killing it with your friends.

Specification of –

  • Address of domain-
  • Date of establishment- 25/03/2021.
  • Date of expiration-25/03/2023.
  • The customer service email is–
  • The listed address is the following– Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany.
  • Company Name- Bin Estrella GmbH
  • Company Number- 064110000
  • Telephone number- It is not stated.
  • Shipping guidelines-The merchandise is delivered in 15 to 20 days.
  • Free delivery – Order above $39; it offers free delivery.
  • Standard dispatch policy- It usually takes 15 to 20 business days. 
  • Social platforms availability– The website designer does not create a web page on social media that raise doubt among consumers about Is Tutornice Legit or any hoax portal.
  • Standard shipping cost- It charges $7.99.
  • Fast shipping- Within 7 to 15 days, you will get your order at your door.
  • Cost of fast shipping- $12.99 is the fee of fast shipping.
  • Return policy-Return policy is available, but the exact days of return are not mentioned.
  • Refund policy- The website offers a refund, store credit or an exchange on any item purchased from the website. 
  • The order cancellation procedures-The website makes no mention of any order cancellation procedures.
  • Exchange policy-The online store has an exchange policy.
  • Non-Returnable Product– Activewear, Swimwear, bodysuits, underwear, bralettes, earrings and Loving Tan products are not eligible for return.
  • Forms of payment includes-Debit Card, Credit Card etc.

Pros to consider: Is Tutornice Legit?

  • This webpage trading in a comprehensive collection of women’s apparel at a discounted price.
  • It has a high trust rating, indicating that online buyers find it a reliable source for brands.
  • The store is accountable to the clients and has all the necessary policies. 
  • It offers a variety of easy-to-access payment options.
  • Buyers get a valid official number and registration number within the company name.

Drawbacks of

  • The domain’s absence of its owner’s name from any official details on the web interface raises credibility issues.
  • It also lacks a telephone number.

Tutornice Reviews –

The website has gained the confidence and respect of its customers indicated by its trust index. Furthermore, it lacks an advertisement page for its product on social media. So, we did not gather any single comments from social media and did not find any reviews of clients from other online platforms. 

Although we advise customers to read it first, Easy and Simple Methods of Refund on PayPal before completing any transactions, however, conduct your homework before making a purchase, as the website may be a hoax.

The Final Verdict-

Consider all the information to determine whether Is Tutornice Legit or any hoax portal and consider it- How to wear Women’s maxi dress and get information on women’s apparel. Before continuing, read- How to Get Money Back on Credit Card, if scammed to avoid losing money.

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