Is Ulonet Legit {April 2022} Read Comprehensive Reviews!

Ulonet Online Website Reviews

Scroll down the below article to get all the authentic details to determine, Is Ulonet Legit or not.

Are you looking for an online site that deals with the variety of necessary hardware products we need in regular life? Here, we have found one,, which deals with hardware products.

People in the United States are very sincere regarding online shopping as we do not get the chance to touch and feel experience when we buy online. We always go for the simple site, which certainly sells genuine products. Before investing in this site, let us check Is Ulonet Legit?

Is An Authentic Portal?

  • Website Creation Date: The creation date of this website is 18th September 2021, which means the age of this portal is less than 1 year.
  • Website Expiry Date: The date of expiration of this website is 18th September 2022. So the lifespan of this domain is just 1 year.
  • Owner Identity: Owner details are partially identified by WHOIS
  • Contact Details: 1415 Nw 80th Ave, 15h, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33063
  • Trust Score: Trust score of this portal is just 1%
  • Ulonet Reviews: The reviews are present on various social networking sites.
  • Trust Index: The trust index is 1.5%
  • Alexa Ranking: The ranking in Alexa is almost four million.
  • Threat Or Phishing Score: The Threat or phishing score of the site is 62 out of 100
  • Spam Score: The Spam score of this site is 20 out of 100
  • Malware Score: The Malware score of this site is 43 out of 100.

All the details we mention in the upper section are not the laissez-passer of the authenticity of this portal. Do we need to put light on more details to know Is Ulonet Legit? Let us discuss some more details.

Know About The Portal is an online portal that deals with various hardware tools and renovation products. Different types of tools are available here.

In the service cart, there are varieties of trolleys. Such as

  • Wire spool rack
  • Stainless steel Lab serving trolley
  • Zippered Vinyl Cleaning Cart Bag etc.

There also 

  • Different tools for painting
  • Various types of winches
  • Tools required in garage stores
  • Hole Saws
  • Freezer Parts And Accessories
  • Electrical Boxes
  • Water Pumps

Specific Details

  • Website Name:
  • Website Address:
  • Email Address:
  • Owner Details: Partially identified in WHOIS. Hence raises doubt Is Ulonet Legit?
  • Phone No: +19188183417
  • Contact Details: 1415 Nw 80th Ave, 15h, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33063
  • Return Policy: You have to return the items for exchange or refund within 3o days of purchase. The fees for returning the product will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Refund Policy: The refund policy is available on the site. There are certain conditions for a return and refund policy. A refund will happen after fulfilling the conditions.
  • Social Networking Site Linkage: This online site is connected with FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 

Note: All the information provided here is completely based on internet research. Information is taken from reliable websites. Let us check the pros and cons of this site.

Pros To Know Is Ulonet Legit?

  • A variety of necessary products are found in one place.
  • HTTP Is present on the site, indicating that the customers’ data are secure.
  • A good amount of deals are found here.
  • Reviews by the customers found on social networking sites are very positive.
  • This site is not detected by any black listing tool
  • This site has WTO trustworthiness.


  • Very low trust score.
  • Owner identity is not revealed.
  • The ranking in Alexa is high.
  • This portal has a very short life tenure, which is 1 year. This is also a very negative aspect.

What Are Ulonet Reviews?

The customers are given overwhelming responses about the site on various social media platforms. On the trusted reviewing portal, 90% of people are given excellent ratings, and 10% call it bad. If we check FaceBook, we can see the rating is 4.9 out of 5, which is also very high.

So from the perspective of reviews, we can say that this site is legitimate. But only customer reviews are favoring this portal. You can also refer to this to get your money back from PayPal Scams.

Final Verdict

We find the major positive aspects that once say yes to the question, Is Ulonet Legit? But we cannot also neglect the trustscore and Alexa ranking which are not favoring this portal. Hence we also say that we don’t buy from here as we are not 100% sure about its authenticity.

Do you find this article informative? Please comment. Also, you also go through this to learn how to protect yourself from Credit Card Scams. Also, check the legit portal to purchase the hardware items.  

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