Is Unicorn Tears Too Faced Legit {Aug 2022} Read Reviews!

Unicorn Tears Too Faced online website Reviews

Is Unicorn Tears Too Faced Legit has discussed all the parameters of the unicorn website and given its views on its legitimacy.

Do you want to purchase merchandise with a unicorn symbol on it? Are you in love with this one-horned animal associated with anything valuable and rare? Many retail brands use this symbol to attract kids and women customers in the United States as unicorn appeals to this segment of online shoppers.  

Think Unicorn falls in this website category as it also uses a one-horned unicorn symbol for marketing its products. In this write-up, Is Unicorn Tears Too Faced Legit has analyzed this website and published its report. 

Legit Evaluation of Think Unicorn Website:

This part of the review covers all the legit facts related to this site and allows the customers to make their buying decision. Parameters like owner detail, age of the portal, and Alexa ranking are some of the facts listed in this section of the write-up.

  1. The website’s age is two years and seven months (15th December 2019).
  2. It has a rank of 7181564 on the Alexa web portal indicating low traffic.
  3. According to the Unicorn Tears Too Faced Review team, the trust score for this unicorn store is 67%, an average rating for an authentic portal.
  4. The domain expiry date is 15th December 2022.
  5. We could not find any social media icons connected to this website, but the Facebook account for this store is available in digital space.
  6. The owner’s details are not available on its website.
  7. Some content appears fresh, while details on the product description page seem to be copied from the scam site. 
  8. The contact address is available on the web page along with Google Maps, but we have not verified it.
  9. Is Unicorn Tears Too Faced Legit trust index rating for the portal is 100%, a decent rating score that will further increase the store’s credibility.
  10. Customer review at the neutral platform is missing, but an internal review for the unicorn store is available. 

Details of Think Unicorn Com Portal:

Think Unicorn has designed its merchandise based on the unicorn symbol. They used the mythical symbol tail and horn to give shape to products like backpacks, costumes and toys. Pink color has been used extensively on most of its products to attract kids and women. 

According to Is Unicorn Tears Too Faced Legit team, they are giving up to a 50% discount for summer destocking. Women’s clothing, accessories, toys, decoration and jewelry are some items that are sold at a discount on this platform. 

Think Unicorn basic Features:

    1. The domain name is
  • The address of the website is
  • The company email address is
  1. Contact details – 1560 Times Sq, New York, NY 10036, United States.
  2. Newsletter present.
  3. Order is processed in 24 hours.
  4. Return time of 14 days given.
  5. Contact number is +1 800 394 1981
  6. SSL certificate is available.

Is Unicorn Tears Too Faced Legit Advantage of the Portal:

  1. Kids and women can find the product of their choice on it.
  2. Free shipping is available for the winter holidays.
  3. The contact number and address are given on the website.
  4. Destocking discount of up to 50% is available on summer clothes.

Disadvantages of Think Unicorn Com Website:

  1. The Alexa rank of the portal is poor.
  2. Shipping time for product delivery is not given.
  3. External customer review is missing for this unicorn store.
  4. We were not able to find the company name at the given address.
  5. Some of the content appears to be plagiarized. 

Unicorn Tears Too Faced Review for Think Platform:

The e-commerce store is more than two and half years old, but we couldn’t find many reviews for it on public review sites. The internal review for the store is available and has a good rating of more than 4.5 for most of the products. The chances of internal feedback being fabricated in the absence of external review on neutral sites are greater.

The unavailability of external customer reviews for a website of more than two and half years raises doubt among customers. To get additional information on PayPal-related scams, click here.


Is Unicorn Tears Too Faced Legit, after analyzing all the parameters of the store, concludes that there are still many red flags against this website. Although it has a good trust rating, the lack of customer reviews and other legit details raises concern about its legitimacy. 

Do you like merchandise with a unicorn symbol? Shoppers can give their views in the comment area.Tips to remain safe from Credit Card scams.

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