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Wdmws Online website Reviews

This post on Is Wdmws Legit informs users that the website is not legit and that they should make informed purchases by researching.

Do you wish to purchase t-shirts or Nike Air Force sneakers from Wdmws online store at We have a store for you. The store is now gaining popularity in the United States. Beware! It is not a great website to buy your goods. Everything you should know before buying at this store is revealed in this review. We have serious concerns about this website, and those concerns are based on real issues. You can read this post to know more about Is Wdmws Legit?

Is Wdmws a reliable store?

Scam artists who have succeeded (or believe they have succeeded) in obtaining somebody’s details attempt to obtain debit cards or take control of bank accounts as the following step. Due to time constraints and the bustling market, people increasingly rely on the internet shopping.

Numerous benefits and deals are available when shopping online. Before purchasing from a new internet merchant, customers must remember a few principles. We’ll discuss a few points you should remember in this blog. You can read below to know more about Wdmws Reviews.

  • Registrar: the website has a registrar, NameSilo, LLC
  • Registration date: the store was established on 2022-08-21
  • Trust score: the trust rating is only 1 percent. The score is low.
  • Alexa rank: the Alexa rank of the site is 4347824. The Alexa rank is deficient. 
  • Owner details: there are no details regarding the owner on the website.
  • Safety: the website follows HTTPS protocol.
  • Customer Testimonials: the reviews are not there in the store. This thing is a bit suspicious as the trusted website will never hide the testimonials on the website.

Brief as per Is Wdmws Legit

Wdmws is an online retailer of various accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, and more., claim to be founded in 2018, is described on its About Us page as the world’s top marketplace for sneakers and street wear. It was founded and run by sneaker experts with extensive backgrounds in the goods they sell.  However, based on our study, we conclude that the assertions presented on this website are untrue.

Folks, it is not real., also spelled Wdmws or, is a dubious internet retailer that offers a variety of goods—including Nike Air Force, t-shirts, backpacks, and more—for obscenely low costs. You can read more about Is Wdmws Legit.

Features of the website

You can purchase your stuff from

Email address: if you have any queries related to your order, you can mail them to SALES@FAMILYCUSTOMER.COM

No Business Address: This online store business address mentioned is 320-W, Kimberly Road, Davenport. USA. Those in charge of this store are concealing its genuine nature. As a result, the location of this business cannot be guaranteed.

Phone number: there are no contact details present on the website. You can only contact them through their email address. 

No Social Media Existence: This online store does not offer a social media symbol. Now you know about Is Wdmws Legit.

Details on shipping: Before an order shipping, clearance and confirmation times for all orders vary from one to three business days. 

Refund policy: They will issue a full refund from the original payment. 

Positive highlights

  • They offer the products at a cheap price
  • They will provide discounts on every product. 
  • They have different types of products available on the website 

Negative highlights

  • The life expectancy of the store is short
  • The domain is very new. In August 2022, they only just registered on this website. It hasn’t even been around for six months. That is doubtful because most phony online retailers use fresh domain names.

Wdmws Reviews

In their feedback customers gave their concern by claiming that who shop at this store risk having their credit cards stolen and their fees increased. Additionally, clients would either get a subpar product, a different, less expensive product, or nothing at all.

It is recommended to protest to your bank and obtain a replacement credit (debit) card. On the other hand, if you paid with PayPal, you should keep a record of the transactions (take screenshots) for reference. You must read about payment scams.


Wrapping up on this post Is Wdmws Legit; the website is a fraud that tempts buyers with low prices. Unfortunately, it has a phony email account and no physical location. Customers won’t get in touch with them when they place an order.

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