Is Wycc Pro Store Legit {March} Check The Full Review!

Wycc Pro Store Online Website Reviews

Is Wycc Pro Store Legit has investigated an online store selling finished food products and shared its findings with shoppers.

If you are looking for an online platform selling finished food products and came across the Wycc pro store portal, this review may interest you? We are analyzing Regalis food which claims to be a leading importer of food products in the United States, serving since 2012.

Though many authentic portals are looking after the market’s supply side, customers should remain alert while dealing with new sites. 

As this store started its online operation a few months ago, Is Wycc Pro Store Legit has thoroughly investigated it.

Legit Facts Related to Wycc Pro Store:

This section of the review will discuss all the legit data related to the Wycc store to help shoppers make their purchasing decision. 

Government agencies and private enterprises are fighting the menace of online scams, but lack of regulation has encouraged scammers.

These data will act as informative tools for customers while dealing with the dubious website.

  • Domain age – This is a four-month-old store (23rd October 2021)
  • Alexa rank – Web portal Alexa has given zero ranks to this store, which means it has no traffic.
  • Trust index – Wycc Pro Store Reviews trust index finding for this domain is .4 percent, an extremely low rating for legit sites.
  • Social media sites – It has social media icons on its landing page, but the link diverts customers to the same page. We cannot find any social media accounts for the Wycc pro store.
  • Plagiarism – The text and image of this site appear to be copied from another suspicious website, and text in particular looks plagiarized and lacks originality.
  • Domain expiry – This domain will expire on 23rd October 2022.
  • Owner’s detail – The owner’s name is given on the about us web page of the site.
  • Trust score – Is Wycc Pro Store Legit trust score findings for this portal is 27 percent point, a bad rating for an authentic store.
  • Customer’s reviews – Some of the customer feedback found for this site is negative. 
  • Physical address – We cannot verify the given address.

What is Wycc Pro Store Portal?

Wycc is an e-commerce platform selling finished food products in various categories. Regalis Food parent claims to be a leading importer of food products in New York since 2012.

According to their website, Japanese Wagyu, live seafood, truffles and caviar are some of the items offered by it. Wycc claims to have a relationship with forty countries for importing food products.

To know Is Wycc Pro Store Legit or Scam, we discussed its specifications, pros, and cons of the portal. They also claim to offer eighty percent of their product at wholesale rate throughout the country.


  • Domain name –
  • Website address –
  • Product sold – Finished food items
  • Email address –
  • Contact details – +1 845 976 4640
  • Physical address – 4446, Bingamon Branch Road, New York, NY, United States
  • Shipping Policy –  Delivery time is 7-12 days
  • Return policy –  30 days after receiving the shipment
  • Refund period – After approval 3-5 days
  • Payment method –  PayPal payment gateway
  • Owner’s name – Ian Purkayastha.

Is Wycc Pro Store Legit Pros for Regalis:

  • Finished food products of various categories are available on it.
  • Email address and newsletter is available for customers’ query.
  • Returns are refund policies that are favorable for customers.
  • The product will be delivered in 7-12 days through express shipping.
  • Contact details are available on the company’s site.

Cons for Wycc Pro Store: 

  • Negative customer reviews are available on the digital platform.
  • We are not able to find similar Physical addresses on Google Map.
  • A low trust index and score for this site raise doubt on the site’s integrity.
  • Alexa ranking and age of this site further raise suspicion about it.
  • Social media account is missing.

What are Wycc Pro Store Reviews for Regalis?

This is only a four-month-old website, and customer reviews are hardly available in the digital space. This website has provided options to the buyer to register their feedback for purchased products, but most products have no review.

Customer reviews found by our team are negative for Wycc Pro stores. 

Some shoppers were not able to track the order, and company executives didn’t respond to their queries. Our team was not able to find any review on the company website.

For more information on PayPal-related scams, read here.

Final verdict:

Is Wycc Pro Store Legit team found most of the facts against this portal and advises shoppers to remain alert while dealing with it. People should properly inquire before buying anything from Regalis.

People should share their online shopping experience on the new e-commerce portal in the comment section. To find details for getting a Credit card refund, click here.

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