Is Zafino Legit (March 2022) Check Detailed Reviews!

Zafino Online Website Reviews
This article shares essential information regarding the website Though all the key factors to prove Is Zafino Legit discussed in this article.

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This company is established in Australia, where women love to buy fabulous Jewellery which makes them look classy. They sell their product through the online shopping portal They have unique products like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and lots of varieties in this product. But before buying any product, it is necessary to find out Is Zafino Legit or fraud.

Can Zafino be trusted? 

  • Portal’s age: there is no information regarding when this website was created, which was suspicious.
  • Alexa ranking: it’s Alexa global ranking is 1189077
  • Website trust score: this website has an average score of 60%. This trust score is not so reliable for shopping.
  • Social media linking: this website is linked with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Copied content: this website is found to be 89% unique, and 11% have copied content.

This info regarding the website Zafino might have been helpful to understand its legitimacy, but the Zafino Reviews are essential to prove it.

  • Customer reviews: customer reviews are not present on the official website, but a few reviews are not so helpful on social media handles. 
  • Contact address legitimacy: this website says they have Zafino’s head headquarters in Australia Melbourne.
  • Owners’ information: there is no information regarding the owner of this company.
  • Return and exchange policy: they do not accept the return of earrings for other products. You can apply for a return within 14 days.

About works as an online portal. They sell Jewellery for women and girls like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and many more. It is crucial to find out Is Zafino Legit can only be possible through customer reviews. Therefore we should know many specifications and details about this company to find its legitimacy.


  • Website type: this website work as an online portal for Jewellery
  • Date of portal creation: no information available, which make this website quite suspicious
  • Website address:
  • Email:
  • Contact info: (03) 9830 7388
  • Contact address: The Company situates in Melbourne, Australia. 

Hope this information might have given you a broad idea about this website. Is Zafino Legit or not can be perfectly clarified with a few more details about this website.

  • Sort and filter: The sort and filter options are available.
  • Product price: It is mentioned in AUD
  • Shipping and delivery: product can be within 14 days from the day the order is dispatched. Free shipping for the order above $50
  • Mode of payment: Amex, MasterCard and Visa.

It is necessary to understand the pros and cons of this website to prove its legitimacy and working procedure, which can only be done by checking positive and negative points regarding this website.

Pros to determine Is Zafino Legit? 

  • The product of the website is of good quality and affordable
  • Contact information is available for this website.
  • This website has an average trust score of 60%.
  • Multiple payment methods are given to do billing and are easily accessible.


  • Https is not available for this website.
  • Customer reviews are not present on the official website, and for other social media handles, reviews are not so helpful.
  • Owners’ information is not available on the website.
  • The address given on this website is also not complete to prove its legitimacy. Therefore we cannot trust it’s real or fake.

Zafino Reviews

Customer reviews are essential to prove a website fake or real. For this website, customer reviews are not present on its official page but on social media handles Zafino has few customer reviews, which are not so helpful to understand its legitimacy; therefore, we cannot wholly rely on this website to buy products for now because customer reviews are needed to understand what kind of product you are buying. Also, check How to Get a Refund on PayPal if scammed while shopping online.

Final verdict 

It is tough to trust a website having an average score but no customer reviews. Is Zafino Legit or not also proved, and this article to help you guide in the perfect direction.

It will be a great help if you provide your feedback and comments for this website. Do check out the best Jewellery available online. Also, Everything You Should Know About Credit Card scams is in this link.

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