Is Zumpos Legit {July} Read An Informative Review Here!

Zumpos Online Website Reviews
This post on Is Zumpos Legit will guide users about this online shop’s accuracy and honesty. Users can check out the details about the website.

Did you hear about this new all in one online shop? We are sure many of you have heard the name. This website belongs to the United States, and people are going crazy for this website- The website’s legitimacy is another concern that people are looking forward to. 

Is Zumpos a scam? Don’t worry users. We are here to solve your query like we always do. Please read this post about Is Zumpos Legit of ours to know the reliability and accuracy of the website. Keep on scrolling for more details.

Is Zumpos genuine?

 Zumpos is an online shopping website where buyers can shop for a wide range of products like handbags for women, electronic products for houses and chairs, and other such furniture. Shoppers can check out the policies mentioned on the website or check out the website’s Reviews and other information like registration date, trust score, etc. But the question is how one can judge if this website is a scam or legit.

By checking all these Zumpos Reviews, buyers can check the legitimacy and other specifications. We have mentioned details below that will clear users’ doubt if whether this website is trustworthy or not: 

  • Registration date: This website is just 4 months old and was registered on March 03, 2022. Thus, this website is new and not much reliable or trustworthy. 
  • Trust Score: The trust score of Zumpos doesn’t seem good. The website can’t be trusted with only a two percent trust score. 
  • Registrar: We would like to inform our readers that is registered through 123-Reg Limited.
  • Customer Feedback: Is Zumpos Legit? We don’t think so. No reviews can be seen on the official website as well as the on the other online sites.
  • Social Media: The website’s social media presence is zero as it does not have any social media pages.
  • Data Security: This website is secured with HTTPS protocol which makes its domain safe.
  • Misplaced Data: Details like phone number, email, and office address are mentioned on the website.
  • Policies: Policies mentioned on the website are satisfactory.

Further, we will tell you about the features and give you a complete overview of this online shop.

Overview based on Is Zumpos Legit

Zumpos is a website that provides a wide range of products for its shoppers, like women’s accessories, electronic items like tube lights, etc., and many other hardware products. We have mentioned a few products that this website provides below: 

  • Night Pleated Shades
  • Battery Operated Alarm detector 
  • Folding Chair 
  • Women Handbags

Features of Zumpos 

We have mentioned important features of the website below. Check out the details. 

  • The URL to buy from this website is 
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: 818-679-5675
  • Address Details:  11980 Bromont Ave, Pacoima, CA, 91331, US
  • To check, Is Zumpos Legit, we did not get any review on any of this website’s products. We did not find any reviews on the online sites also.
  • Return and Refund Policy: This website’s users can apply for a return within 14 days after they receive the product
  • Shipping Policy: The shipping policy mentioned on the website says that it takes USPS 5-10 Days.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal. 

Positive Points

  • Phone number, email, and other details are mentioned.
  • An HTTPS domain secures Zumpos.

Negative Points

  • No reviews are given. 
  • No social media pages are available.

Zumpos Reviews

We did not find any reviews about this website’s product. Moreover, the website mentions the office addresses and other contact details like email and contact number, but the social media pages are unavailable. We suggest users pay attention while using this website, as this website seems like a scam.

We’ve seen a tremendous increase in online scamming. Readers can also check out Credit Card Scams. Further, we have mentioned our final verdict about the

Final Summary:

Summing up this post on Is Zumpos Legit, the website’s life span is short as it is only four months old; with very bad trust score and it seems like a scam.  Users can also check a few measures to pay attention to while online shopping 

 If users face any suspicious activity while online shopping, we would like to suggest they can check out this post on PayPal Scamming and how to get a refund

What are your views about this post? Did you find this post about helpful? Please comment your views about down in the comments. 

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