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If you want to know about the recent kidnapping news in the U.S., please check out the article on Kemper Durand Memphis and stay tuned.

Do you know who Kemper Durand is? Have you heard the recent news of a kidnapping in Tennessee? Both questions are connected to each other. However, you may be confused about what we are talking about. To know about the incident we are talking about, you must follow the full article very carefully. The incident took place in the United States

A man kidnapped a woman from a park. The man already has a criminal record before. Please keep reading the Kemper Durand Memphis article to know in detail. 

Who was Durand and what happened to him?

According to the previous report, Abston Kemper kidnapped a prominent lawyer in Memphis in 2000. Abston Kemper was only sixteen years old when he committed the crime. Kemper forced the lawyer named Durand at gunpoint. 

A few hours later, Kemper forced Durand to drive to a gas station. He told Durand to withdraw money from the ATM. What do you think happened next? Was Durand capable of running from the situation? Please continue reading the article on Kemper Durand Attorney know what happened next. 

Suddenly, an armed security officer from the Memphis Housing Authority entered. After seeing him, Durand cried for help. Kemper escaped from the whole situation. But later, police found him and arrested him. In 2001, Kemper was found guilty of the charge of kidnapping and robbery. The court gave him the punishment of twenty-four years in prison. 

In the victim statement, Durand wrote that he was fortunate to escape from Kemper; if he could not escape, he would likely be killed. Durand also noted that Kemper took almost a year to sign the guilty plea. 

Kemper Durand Obituary:

After some research, Durand knew that Kemper was already a criminal. He committed so many crimes in his lifetime. But unfortunately, in 2013, Durand passed away. Durand died seven years before Kemper was released from jail. 

In November 2020, Kemper finally finished his prison life and was released from jail. Kemper was thirty-six years old while leaving the jail. Since his release, Kemper has not committed any crime. But some criminals cannot be changed. Last week, Kemper again committed a severe crime. Keep reading the article to know what Kemper did next.

Relation between the two cases- Kemper Durand Memphis:

Last week, the U.S. Marshals arrested Kemper in charge of kidnapping a woman. Near the University of Memphis, a Tennessee woman was jogging, and Kemper kidnapped her. The victim was Eliza Fletcher. Police found the DNA of Kemper on a pair of sandals of the missing woman. Eliza is still missing. Police are trying to find her. 

At around 4 a.m. on Friday, Eliza Fletcher was going jogging when a man forcefully kidnapped her into an SUV. Police believed that the vehicle was from Kemper’s apartment. 

The Final Discussion:

We hope the police will find the missing woman quickly. And that’s it for today’s Kemper Durand Memphis article. You can click on the link to get detailed information on the list of kidnappings in the U.S.

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